SL Models Academy rips off AVENUE Models Academy

It has come to our attention that SL Models Academy has copied and stolen AVENUE Models Academy curriculum and student information wholesale making the same claims to have instructors from Runway Kidz and Runway Magazine. What Vanessa Knoller, Head Instructor of SL Models Academy (and also using the same titles as our Academy) forgot to do was in duplicating the whole Academy Info notecard word for word was to change who to pay to. So it was by chance and a twist of fate that due to a careless copycat and thief that several model trainee applicants came to us with payments for the course.

We wish to announce that there is no association with SL Models Academy who are obviously lying when they say they have the same top models and instructors teaching the course and trying to offer the course for cheap. At AVENUE we are strong perpetrators of originality and preserving the highest levels of quality and professionalism in what we do.

Imitation can only be regarded as the highest form of compliment but let it be known that we have no association with thieves of any kind in SL least of all SL Models Agency which obviously lacks their own ideas and most of all integrity. AVENUE will never support the same for rip offs of designers and any other creators in SL.

Here is Runway Kidz statement to support this report


14 thoughts on “SL Models Academy rips off AVENUE Models Academy

  1. I am Wyntitr Jewell of Premiere Modeling Management and would like to know what my picture is doing on the SL Model Agency blog above???????
    I have nothing to do with this agency and would like it removed immediately
    Wyntir Jewell
    CEO Premiere Modeling Management

  2. Although I find it strange that someone in the same business chooses the same layout for their blog about their modeling agency, the fact that they did choose the same layout means nothing by itself. However, the falsification of credentials, the attempted theft of funds is not to be tolerated in any form.

    Perhaps she is new at the scam game, perhaps she is not the brightest bulb in the socket, but using the same theme as your blog means nothing. Let’s hope the potential upcoming models of SL can read and can come to their own conclusions.

    I wish you all the best.

  3. RUNWAY Magazine will work in full cooperation with AVENUE Models and Runway Kidz to make it public knowledge that this has occurred and to alert the residents of SL of this fraudulent activity and the unscrupulous practices of Vanessa Knoller.

    Maggie Mahoney
    CEO and Founder
    RUNWAY Magazine

  4. As a current Avenue trainee who has been lucky enough to get formal training from some of the best in the industry, I sincerely hope that no innocent aspiring models get sucked in by this pathetic and blatant attempt at fraud. I hope this gets rectified quickly and without the need for further action.

  5. Maggie dearest, thank you for your support always 🙂 xoxoxo

    Wyntir, i am sorry to hear of yet another report on thievery…I presume you will have to take it up with Vanessa Knoller directly as you can tell we had no part of that.

    Rusch Raymaker
    CEO and Founder
    AVENUE Models

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  7. Seriously, how unoriginal and lazy have some people in SL become that: (A) copying a note into Word to edit and swap out information with find/replace (Ctrl+H) is too much of a bother; (B) paraphrasing and reorganizing the note card info so that it’s not so obviously regurgitated isn’t even a consideration; and (C) grabbing a photo of a management rep from a competing agency and throwing it up on your blog masthead/header is not seen as ridiculous?

    /me quits.

  8. People that have no original thoughts should not open businesses. Many people in SL ride on the coat tails of someone more prominent and I think when they do these things they should definitely be ousted in the SL community. I have no sympathy for anyone who uses others to advance in any type of way and believe me I have dealt with that type, very recently I may add.

    Annette Wilder, CEO, Wilder PR Inc.

  9. LOL while I know that content theft is not a laughing matter the sheer stupidity which lead to the discovery of this fraud I find absolutely hillarious. But apparently that was only the tip of the iceburg of stupidity in this story. I am just happy that this was discovered so that the good name of an Agency and an another Agencies top exec are not associated with what most obviously is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on their images and names.

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  11. It is such a big hassle on part of AVENUE to be victims of something that was so stupidly done. I imagine Rusch and the rest contacting everyone in their friends list and groups and informing them of this, releasing more notecards to warn others, etc. The fuss just doesn’t match the little thought and effort done by this Vanessa Knoller, but it must be done to ensure AVENUE’s reputation and integrity.

    How stupid can one person get? Are some people in SL so greedy and stupid at the same time?

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