Merovingi Fashion Awards 2009



PR Contact: Jesika Contepomi, Vice President of Marketing, AVENUE Inc.

April 29, 2009

AVENUE Appointed Official Partner For Merovingi Fashion Awards 2009

The Merovingi Fashion Awards (MFA) is known throughout the grid for being the prominent awards received by designers, new and veteran alike, for excellence in craftsmanship and creativity.  This year, AVENUE has been appointed as the Official Partner for event organization, sponsorships and public relations of this year’s festivities.

President of MFA,  Sonneillon Barthelmess expresses, “We are very excited that AVENUE decided to join us for this year’s show. Their professional attitude and fashion-know-how is just what the MFA needs to bring our show to new heights. Throughout the years, the MFA show has been brought to Second Life residents with the help of hard working individuals and businesses around the world under our MFA Partnership program. These businesses has dedicated their time, staff and skills to organize The fashion event of the year.”

The Merovingi Group, a non-profit e-business operating in the virtual world of Second Life, has hosted the self-titled fashion awards each year since 2007 with the help of donations from Second Life residents, businesses, organizations and ‘real-life’ businesses.  This year, the MFA Board and AVENUE INC have combined their efforts to develop, organize and execute the MFA Show.

After two highly recognized and successful years, MFA has welcomed the suggestions and requests from past participants and changed the selection process for this year’s awards.  To balance the voting process, in addition to Second Life residents’ votes, this year’s nominees will be asked to create an item that can showcase their special style and unique talents to be judged by an MFA jury.  The nominee from each category with the most visitor and MFA jury votes wins.  As has been tradition, winners will be announced during the MFA Awards Show on September 27th.

This year’s awards will be given to the top designer in the following categories:  Best Vintage Fashion Label, Best Urban Fashion Label, Best Male and Female Fashion Label, and Best New Fashion Label.   Past year’s winners have included Edo Tone (Styles of Edo), Hyasunth Tiramisu (Silent Sparrow), Darklour Watanabe (Neko Gear), Pomp Bescati (SLAB Designs) and Kira Ahn (KA Designs).

The awards given during the final ceremony have always been spectacular and amazing.  This year trumps last by offering each category winning nominee with a brand new iMac 20″ computer, Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Mac) and a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet.  On top of that, each nominee that makes it to the final will also walk away with an iPod nano and Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Mac or PC).  There are prizes too for those who nominate and vote during the MFA show as they will be automatically entered in the MFA Raffle.  Once the grand show is over, 20 names will be drawn at random and each one walks away with a brand new iPod nano.

AVENUE invites Second Life and Real Life businesses to sponsor the MFA and help raise the bar for this years festivities. As an MFA Sponsor, business owners have the opportunity for premium marketing and exposure in Second Life through this prestigious fashion campaign and event.  Sponsorship queries are to be directed to Rusch Raymaker or Jesika Contepomi at

MFA and AVENUE invite the Second Life community to nominate and vote for their favorite designers.  Nominations can be submitted at the Merovingi office.

08/07/09 – Nominations Close

09/19/09 – 09/26/09 – 2009 MFA Week

09/27/09 – 2009 MFA Awards Show

Please seek these links for more general or sponsorship information.

The Merovingi Group, under the help of Gabriel S. Merovingi, joined Second Life in 2006, offering residents design and marketing services. By end of 2008, the Merovingi Group also hosted one of Second Life´s largest wedding islands; Majestic Weddings, Corona Villas furniture store and several regions.

As a passionate philanthropist, alongside some great co-workers, the Merovingi Group, holds their annual fashion awards for the benefit of Breast Cancer victims and survivors alongside other charitable causes by offering their services for free.

PR Contact:
Gabriel S. Merovingi
The Merovingi Group

SLURL to Merovingi Office

AVENUE Inc, is the umbrella company for AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine.  AVENUE was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO, and by her side is a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals striving to continuously take the world of fashion to another level.

PR Contact:
Jesika Contepomi
Vice President of Marketing, AVENUE Inc.

Slurl to AVENUE Models, Academy, Magazine and Studio


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