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PR Contact: Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer, AVENUE Inc.

“Something WICKED”

AVENUE presents...Something Wicked

“…trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”

AVENUE presents the halloween fashion event of the year….Something Wicked. Featuring designs from Eclipse, Evie’s Closet, EXXESS Designs, Diorsis Hair Design,
Here Comes Trouble, Lourdes Laysan, Masquerade Parade, Nikita Fride, Smooth Designs and Violator.

Come dressed in your favorite halloween outfit and be prepared to be chilled to the bone.  You never know what’s coming on the runway or off it.

Be possessed by the most wicked fashion for that time of the year where all fears break loose and if you resist the dark powers that prevail, thou will be rewarded by the powers of fashion present.

03 October 2009, 1PM SLT

Something Wicked Landmark 1
Something Wicked Landmark 2

In 2007, two role-players, Eclipse Lykin & Bryce Randt, found their way into Second Life to see what possibilities were available to those with an open mind and a thirst for excitement. What they found was that they had very specific ideas of what looked good on an avatar…what facilitated their role-play and made immersion an effortless experience.

Now, years later, their critical eye for aesthetic perfection aids in the designing of Second Life’s most detailed and versatile designs. With time have come skills that encompass nearly every area of Second Life content creation. With Eclipse & Lykin’s varied role-play and gaming backgrounds, Eclipse Development constantly evolves with the needs of its customers. Eclipse Development will continue to grow and help you, our customers, “Realize your Roleplay.”

For more information please contact Eclipse Lykin.

Evie's Closet
Evangeline Miles has been creating Gowns for Evie’s Closet which are rich in both texture and detail since October of 2007.

Her designs cover a range of truly original styles, letting you live your Medieval Fantasy, or enjoy being whisked around a modern-day Ballroom in a Gown crafted to inspire your imagination. Evangeline’s work incorporates all original, hand-drawn textures, and each Gown is painstakingly constructed to ensure maximum wearability and quality.

For more information please contact Evangeline Miles.

Exxess Designs
Layja Vidor, founder and owner of EXXESS Designs, uses SL as a creative platform to let her mind flow while studying computing and design in rl. She’s found her niche in creations inspired by MMORPG worlds full of warriors and magic, leaving the boring jeans and t-shirts aside.

One will find her shop full of sexy clothes with high detailed jewelry, necklaces, sculpted heels, piercings, diadems, arm-bands and more. Layja also finds strength in hair creation, from straight to wavy styles giving it’s wearer the independence to move as much as possible which makes it look realistic.

EXXESS Designs catch slogan that truly embodies it’s emotion is… Are You Sexy Enough?

For more information please contact Layja Vidor.

Diorsis Hair Design
Diorsis Hair Design, is the work of RL hairdresser and wig designer Safia Ellen Sieslack, Diorsis Rossini in SL. Running her hair salon by day, Second Life is a place for her to showcase her work and creativity by night.

Diorsis gives each style a unique touch and her ornate detail can be seen within each fine hair. She specializes in short hair, offered in many different styles and colors, and updo’s designed as you would for a rl evening out.

For more information please contact Diorsis Rossini.

Here Comes Trouble
BabyBoo Glitterbuck, the designer behind Here Comes Trouble, started designing in SL from the ground up. Finding herself homeless in the sandbox she quickly learned that everything in SL is made by it’s residents and the need for Lindens. Commonly found on a grass platform up to her neck in prims, BabyBoo started building anything and everything before she found her comfort in clothing and hair.

Driven by her passion for designing, she still gets excited seeing her completed products on the walls of her store and the tremendous amount of appreciation and support from her customers. “As long as it stays fun, I’ll stay here doing it”, says BabyBoo.

For more information please contact BabyBoo Glitterbuck.

Lourdes Laysan
Lourdes Laysan is a Fashion Designer advancing the range of Superhero/Heroine Couture since 2006. Lourdes’ ethos has been refining and advancing the clothing of the hero set from what she perceives as a stagnation with set character outfits. A stickler for detail, Lourdes does 99% of her clothing work herself, to make sure that every piece of clothing you wear, is fit to carry her name. Lourdes is also a scripter, builder and animator, and has devices, gadgets, and homes a plenty, that all match her exacting standards.

Lourdes runs her self named establishment in Hyades and has a reputation for premium quality at prices that won’t break your purse and excellent clientele service.

For more information please contact Lourdes Laysan.

Masquerade Parade
JDiva Ophelia, owner and creator of Luna Park Charade featuring the awe inspiring designs of Masquerade Parade, opened her doors in February of 2006 bringing her 2D artistic skills into the 3D world. Bent over her wacom tablet she is obsessed with hand painting beautiful and unusual masks and the oddest of accessories.

The historic Carnivals of Venice inspire her as she is fascinated by the psychological concepts of wearing masks and complete anonymity. The virtual world is the ultimate mask and JDiva is here to make it more visually stimulating.

For more information please contact JDiva Ophelia.

Nikita Fride
Nikita Fride, owner and creator of her self-entitled store known for the best artistic makeup in Second Life, had one main intention when she began…”be one of a kind”. After following her own feelings, creating crazy unique skins, sometimes bloodied or mangled, Nikita began receiving special requests from her customers. From these request she’s created her notorious angelic skins, clothing, shoes, boots, eyelashes and both male and female hair.

“There are many stylish people, but few true unique. Personal style is, after all, quite exceptional”, say Nikita. Choosing to create for an exquisite clientele, she recommends to personally see and wear her creations and identify, not only with the design but also her select audience.

For more information please contact Nikita Fride.

Smooth Designs
Aeris Shenlin, owner and designer behind the stunning creations of Smooth Designs, came into Second Life in late 2006 and started building about four months later. Having made quite a name for herself in these 3 years, Aeris’ designs, both jewelry and costumes, are loved for their attention to detail and realism.

Much of her inspiration has come from childhood memories of watching her mother beautifully create silk art work and growing up around such beautiful clothing.

For more information please contact Aeris Shenlin.

“Violator” bursted on the grid in april 2009, a project ideated by Soraya Vaher and Minx Glaz: fashion line and “art” world.
As first innovation “Violator” brought on the scene the “tentacle haute couture gown” a Hybridism between classic, hentai, elegant, organic and sci-fi influences, definition of a new trend ready to stalk the grid.

Metamorphosis, spoiled rich elegance, classic memories, baroque, extreme oriental inspirations flows all together to define an uncommon and charming beauty playing outside supposed gender roles and schemata in a world full of new options, environments and suggestions….
Hair, shoes, bags and a male line complete the ” multi-optional” choice for all those that desires to express their individuality, character, and uncatchable new look.
“Violator” is stylish, aggressive, individualist, dramatic, synthetic, contradicted, competitive, high obsessing elegance, always and everywhere.

For more information please contact Minx Glaz.


AVENUE Models, the premier modeling agency in Second Life®, is well known for their professional organization of lavish and creative fashion events driven by unique and effective marketing and promotions.

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life® Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life®.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer for AVENUE Inc.

AVENUE Models, Academy, Magazine & Studio

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