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A sizzling summer collection & show of hot-to-trot lingerie and sensual wear that will set you on fire.

CB Designs
Corrupted Innocence
Filipa Couture
GeWunjo Design
Lingerie Boutique
Movin Lingerie

Be ready to burn with desire.

When: Saturday, 10 July – 1pm SLT


Blacklace was built on the concept that regardless of what you are wearing, what is underneath your attire can transform the average everyday woman into an all-knowing seductress. Created for women who want to feel sexy and love lingerie, offering a variety of styles and colors in bras, corsets, stockings and panties. There is bound to be something that will catch your attention or the attention of anyone in your presence.

Designing is a passion and an obsession for owner and designer Mariska Simons, an outlet that allows her creativity to flow. The fashion trends of yesterday, today and tomorrow inspire her works.

For more information please contact Mariska Simons or Gemini Galatea.

Carrie Bridger, owner and designer for CB Designs, has always loved designing clothing even when she was young. Even though she’s now a graphic artist in RL she hadn’t yet had the oportunity in RL to create clothing until now. SL has given her the opportunity to not only expand her design creativity, but create sensual sexy lingerie for everyone to enjoy.

For more information please contact Carrie Bridger.

Kira Paderborn has refined her line of shapes and skins over the years, broadening her business to include sexy clothes to compliment her skins and shapes. If you are searching for a look that will get you noticed for all the right reasons, visit Corrupted Innocence at Shapes by Kira and see what a difference a properly created skin, shape, and clothing can make in your life!

For more information please contact Kira Paderborn.

Filipa Thespian’s fashion designs are inspired by the imagination. Her love of art in all it’s magnificent forms culminate in the creation of Second Life clothing. There are so many facets of design that come into play when creating attire for the fashion conscious, from the making of custom textures to the artful orchestration of prims … from the tastefully placed ‘glow’ to the intricately planned ‘flex’. Filipa’s love of design seems to flow through her clothing creations showing off the magnificent form of the woman within.

For more information please contact Filipa Thespian.

GeWunjo owner and designer Maren Collas was introduced to both SL and Photoshop in 2007 by her RL daughter. After months of designing, her husband began to play around with prims. With their two new hobbies combined GeWunjo was formed.

For more information please contact Maren Collas.

Leanne Bebb, owner and creator behind Lingerie Boutique, designs totally sexy, totally sensual, beautiful pieces with ultra femininity in mind. Whether you want to seduce your lover or just look sexy and pretty underneath it all, the Lingerie Boutique has it.

For more information please contact Leanne Bebb.

Monyna Sak, designer and creator behind Movin Lingerie, began her creations after only two short months in-world. Learning quickly she purchased her first island with good friend and now business partner Ditri Charron. With Ditri’s assistance in the development of the store and marketing the brand Movin Lingerie has come to where it is today producing the high precision lingerie, intimate apparel and costumes the brand has become recognized for.

For more information please contact Monyna Sak.

Nardcotix, revolutionizing the virtual shoe world with MANA Shoe Line. NX-Nardcotix, offers sleek sophistication and the highest quality in clothing, accessories and shoes.

For more information please contact Cerra Denja.

Partner :

The GOL was born because of founder Dakota Neumann’s passionate interest in design and architecture. It started in 2006 with a small plot of land and a Club. That Club evolved every six months with a fresh new design while the company stepped into commercial and residential service.

GOL is a unique Second Life company for its look but the variety of its interests and the philosophy make it exceptional. Each business choice led to the development of 4 different departments on 11 sims: GOL Design, GOLden Shopping, GOL Entertainment and GOL Estates. It is a large community, with long time residents and a dedicated and highly professional management team.

The design, coherent throughout all The GOL sims, reflects Dakota Neumann’s vision to continuously and deliberately evolve with time. Creativity and aesthetic are always first, and business follows.


AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models, AVENUE Models Academy, AVENUE Marketing & PR and AVENUE Studio, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion, marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi.

Jesika Contepomi


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