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Is it your dream to walk down the runway and turn heads in top designer outfits?  Do you love working it in front of the camera?  Do you have what it takes to be a top model in SL?

Becoming a model can be fun, challenging and rewarding but in the face of keen competition in the fashion industry, every aspiring model should equip themselves with the right skills and knowledge to prepare themselves to be successful models.

At AVENUE Models Academy, you will learn the modelling techniques used by highly experienced models who have at least over two years experience. You will be prepared for anything from an audition to a runway fashion show.  With our training and instruction by fashion industry experts and top working models, you’ll learn to be the best model that you can be.

We don’t just train you…we take you on a journey of uncovering the best in you and providing the best possible training for your success with creativity and fun in a professional manner.  We keep our classes small to a maximum of 6 per class so as to ensure that all students have ample practise and attention.

A specially tailored curriculum that is not only comprehensive but progressive has been designed to take aspiring models on a systematic approach to being a professional model.



★ Modeling 101: Welcome to the world of modelling

– Introduction to the modelling industry and being prepared for it

★ Modeling 102: Professional Modeling & Psychology for Success

★ Modeling 103: Style It Up

★ Modeling 104: Pose Management

★ Modeling 105: Catwalk Training

★ Modeling 106:  Runway Practice

★ Modeling 107:  Mastering The Runway


Graduation is dependent on overall performance and final exam combined. A Fashion Show with a sponsor designer and one extra rehearsal takes place for trainees who successfully graduate.

Duration of classes : 1.5 – 2 hours per class

Language of instruction : English

Course Fee: L$ 8,000

If you are interested in registering, kindly visit AVENUE Office to pick up a registration form.

21 thoughts on “Academy

  1. Today I attended the first class Modeling 101 “Welcome to the World of Modeling”. Our presenter was Summer Deadlight and she did an excellent job. I can honestly say that I left there with alot more knowledge then when I came. Thanks yowl!

  2. All I can say of the AVENUE Academy experience is “WOW!” Every class was awesome, packed with terrific tips, insites, ideas and knowledge. The instructors were incredible and very supportive. They not only shared their experience and know how, but they were glad to answer our questions, and were patient with us as we learned and sometimes made mistakes.

    When I signed up for the academy I was unsure if I wanted to model, but I thought taking the classes would be a good way to find out. The academy experience let me know the answer is a resounding “YES!” I would recommend Avenue Academy to anyone who has an interest in modeling. Thanks to our great instructors, and my wonderful classmates for an awesome experience! I love you all. xxxxx-Cody

  3. I can’t be other than extremely thankful to AVENUE Academy… it’s truly been a blast!
    I’ve started to attend the academy to improve myself and get prepared to the modeling world in SL and this experience has been much better than expected. All instructors are professional and put much effort and passion teaching us what they know, they give us useful tips and tricks and most important, they are honest and show us our limits in order to improve.
    I’m sure there are lots of high-qualified and professional modeling schools in SL, but here I felt part of a big family… thanks so much to Rusch, Kryptonia, EmmZ, Summer and Tillie for everything!

  4. Just want to say what a great time i have had at the Avenue Academy….i had done some modelling in SL before but no proper training so I decided to join the Academy and i can certainly say i have no regrets 🙂 I have learnt so many things from these classes…and not only about modelling…after being in SL nearly two years i learnt that you can have two inventory windows open at once..very cool for tidying inventory :)) I found the classes fun and interesting, the trainers fiendly, helpful and informative…i would recommend the Academy to all I know. Not only was this a great learning experience i have also made some very good friends in the process…i would like to say a big thanks to Rusch, Summer, Kryptonia, Emmz and Tillie for all the help and support during my time at the Academy :))

  5. Since I found out about model training at Avenue though by my rl friend so I am interesting to be model after gratuated :). I enjoyed to learn more things for tips, issues and training on runway is awesome!! Make me learn to fast!! Many Thanks to Rusch, Summer, Kryptonia, Emmz and Tillie that they did support classmates to improve thier experiences!!! One day, you wanted to be model so why not join here?

    Liam Netizen

  6. Attending Avenue Academy is one of the best preparations an aspiring or experienced model can obtain. Having been modelling in SL for several months now, I was interested in deepening my knowledge, and Avenue was the place for it! Staffed by well-known and exquisitely beautiful models, I was humble enough to aceept a “Trainee” tag once again, and I am glad I did:) The in-depth organized training by the best in the industriy is suitable for both veteren and newbie alike! Thanks for the great memories and comraderie Rusch, Summer, Kryptonia, EmmZ and Tillie and all my fellow students. See you on the AVENUE !!

  7. I adored attending the academy – I’d highly recommend it to any aspiring model !! The instructors are professional and knowledgable – they’ve been there, know that,,,,so their experience is priceless!!! Congrats to my fellow graduates!!!

  8. Not having any previous runway experience I decided to give the academy a try. Not only did I learn a lot, but I had a ton of fun..I’m sort of sad it’s over! Anyone can benefit from this class…whether you have experience on the runway or are new to SL modeling, I highly recommend it. Thank you Rusch, Kryptonia, Summer, EmmZ and Tillie!

  9. If being trained by not only the best instructors but with a top named academy is what you seek, then there is NONE like Avenue!!. I was a graduate of the !st grad show of 09 and through this training gained more confidence in myself as a SL model. I have nothing but positive words to give and strongly encourage anyone who is serious about their modeling careers to attend the Avenue Academy! Thank you Rusch, Kryptonia, Summer, EmmZ, Tille for an experience I won’t forget =)

    Diva Lilliehook

  10. Thanks to all instructors for their knowledge and patience, it was fun and enriching, a kiss to everyone and a great school with excellent and brilliant people.

  11. Graduating from AVENUE was definitely a high point of my SL experience. The staff and instructors were friendly, helpful, and very thorough. I really enjoyed the training I received and getting to know everyone. The organization level and professionalism of this agency and their training is tops. Thank you Rusch, Jesika, Kryptonia, Avenue staff and models, and all my fellow students. See you on the runway! *hugs*

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  14. I have fully enjoyed my time at avenue and have learnt so much from all the classes, big thanks to kryptonia for putting up with me asking silly questions lol, i have dyslexia so my reading and understanding of notices can be quite shakey, thanks to everyone involed in the training programme everyone has been great

  15. I have learned alot at Avenue Academy. I have made new friends and have refined my modeling skills. Kryptonia is among the most talented tteachers in SL. I am a teacher in real life who works with students with learning disibilities, as I have Dyslexia which can be challenging when learning new material. I hope I am given the opportunity to continue with Avenue in the future. Thank-you for providing with the best education iin modeling inh SL.


  16. I has been a pleasure to study with such qualified teachers who practice what they preach. I have learned a great deal that will help me in pursuing a modeling career. I have appreciated their understanding, patience, and support throughout the course. Thank you to each of you. To my fellow classmates, it was an honor to work with you.

  17. I have just completed the Avenue Academy, and will be graduating very soon! I enjoyed every aspect of the class, I have attended most of the top schools in SL, so was very happy that avenue was alot different to most, you learn more in depth skills, and it has not only taught me new things but tested what i already knew! I made alot of new friends for life, and couldn’t be happier with my avenue education! thank you so much Kryptonia, Jesika, Rusch! and the rest of the team xx

  18. I think AVENUE Models Academy is the highest level of training that a model can have.

    I’ve learnt so much in this course and I have enjoyed and proved myself with the best teachers I’ve ever met.

    AVENUE Models Academy is really the best school you can attend in sl.

  19. Absolutely the best modeling academy in SL. I enjoyed my experience very much! Instructors are very helpful, informative and are always open to questions, even outside of class. Thank you AVENUE for my amazing experience!

    -Tyler Barineaux

  20. I had an AMAZING experince at AVENUE Academy. The teachers taught me and my classmates so much on what we need to know to make it into the modeling business in Second Life. There is no other school out the in-world like AVENUE Academy! Thank you guys so much for all the help you gave me and the lessons you taught me. – Corbin Sporg

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