We celebrate the diversity of beauty in all its variations…Glamour girls, naughty funky nekos, gothic lolitas or walking on the wild side on a tight leash in latex or leather. Our models are not only some of the most beautiful, experienced and professional models in SL but they all possess individuality and personality. They are versatile and vivacious and are able to portray brands and styles like no other.

Here’s a sneak peek to our lovely bevy of style kings and queens…

To view the full gallery of our models portfolios, kindly visit our Flickr gallery.

5 thoughts on “Models

    • Hi thank you for your interest in AVENUE Models. Currently we are not open for applications and are only accepting successful graduates from our Models Academy who meet the requirements of our agency. For more info kindly refer to our Models Academy tab. Cheers!

  1. Happy new year Avenue!
    great success on Miss Virtual World with your amazing Mimmi and EmmZ, would you post some pics of the winner on the next issue?

    • Hi thanks for the congratulatory note 🙂 We will be featuring them in our January issue of AVENUE Magazine which will be out real soon. In fact, during the course of the competition the rest of the top 5 winners have become AVENUE Models. Check them out in our fashion spreads and interview. Cheers!

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