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PR Contact: Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer, AVENUE Inc.


AVENUE Fabulous Fall Fashion Show

As summer winds down, prepare to trade in your beach wear for fall flair. AVENUE presents Fabulous Fall Fashion 2009 where the most wearable trends grace the runway featuring Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Chianera Cioc Couture, [KA] Designs, Ramona Collection, SF Design and Thea Tamura Fashion.

Expect something for both men and women from warm casual comfort chic to cutting-edge cocktail dresses. Fall is equally a fun time for fashionistas.

27 September 2009, 1PM SLT

AVENUE Sky Runway


Champagne Sparkling Fashion, created and owned by designer Enzo Champagne, embodies fashionable sparkling and chic glitter similar to bubbles in a champagne glass. Each design comes in it’s own unique color with a haute couture style giving each style it’s own special flare. Enzo, a real-life Art Director for luxury brands, is well versed in high-end demand of his clientele and has brought his rl-talent so Second Life.

“I learn all by myself. In rl I’m drawing all the time but in sl it’s a completely different to create, so it was a challenge for me”, says Enzo. Debuting his line first with AVENUE, Enzo has since opened a bigger mainstore and a satellite store just for menswear. Enzo will debut a few new items at this Fabulous Fall Fashion Show as well.

For more information please contact Enzo Champagne.
CHAMPAGNE!!!Sparkling Fashion

Chianera Cioc’s passion for stylish, trend-setting apparel was born from the desire to bring a unique look with her wherever she might go, from casual outing to the most high class setting. From classy contemporary to elegant traditional and innovative, glamorous fusions everywhere in between, Chianera began to create looks that pleased the eye unlike anything else in Second Life.

Drawing inspiration from her close friends to fulfill their fashion fantasies as well as her own, Chianera soon had a catalogue of 46 different ensembles, all skillfully and lovingly designed to flatter the woman who wears them and make her the center of attention and admiration wherever she may go. Many of Chianera ensembles are named in dedication to important people in her life.

For more information please contact Chianera Cioc.
Chianera Cioc Couture

Designed by Kira Ahn, [KA] Designs is a lifestyle-oriented brand offering clothing, bag and skin tones. From muscular male skins to glossy make-up on female tones, from ethnic-inspired lines (Asian, African, European…) to skins geared towards runway models, [KA] Skins strive to bring life into virtual avatars. This is made thanks to the meticulous attention brought into skins details as well as the goal to bring each new skin generation to the next level . [

KA] Skins respect your personality, your style. Get yours today at [KA] Store!

For more information please contact Sally Yachvili.
KA Designs

The Ramona Collection has become known for it’s ornate details with a flare for both sexy and classic stylings in all price ranges. Coming to SL in May of 2007, Ramona Planer, the creator behind the collection was first a dancer, model and PR executive. With a keen eye for the women’s avatar shape and movements Ramona quickly became a force in the fashion industry.

As Ramona’s growing success spans the grid, her designs are led by her explorations then refined as seen in her latest creations till becom an official Versace designer for a certain period. About her Ramona says, “I’m not an artist but a computer engineer who loves this wonderful virtual world that gives to those who dream the opportunity to express their personality.”

For more information please contact Ramona Planer.
Ramona Collection

SF Design is a british company started by swaffette Firefly as sole designer. The company was started in 2004 and now sells both casual and formal clothes, shoes and boots for men and women.

Due to the expansion of the company the formal wear has been moved to its own store -High Society. – where you will find morning suits, tuxedos, tails , gowns, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, womens tuxes , vests, shirts and tie sets and other accessories. Brand new stores for menswear and womenswear, shoes, and costumes are now open on Penryn outside the High Society store. The mens store features new business wear as well as casual. Most items are mod/trans but mod/copy is available on request.

For more information please contact swaffette Firefly.
SF Design

Thea Tamura, designer & creator of Thea Tamura Fashion features clothes, shoes, boots, hair, jewelry and various accessories for both women and men. Thea treats her fashion design as a form of art, experimenting with new and unusual styles and techniques with each creation. “I love to define my style “ETHNOPUNK”, because my designs are a mix of past (ETHNO), present and future (PUNK), eastern (ETHNO) and western (PUNK) culture….in short a potpourri”, says Thea.

By mixing deviant styles and designs with traditional, both new and old, Thea uses her futuristic imagination and a bit of personal inventive to obtain something of absolutely new and wearable.

For more information please contact Thea Tamura.
Thea Tamura Fashion


AVENUE Models, the premier modeling agency in Second Life®, is well known for their professional organization of lavish and creative fashion events driven by unique and effective marketing and promotions.

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life® Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life®.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer for AVENUE Inc.

Email: jesika.contepomi@gmail.com
AVENUE Models, Academy, Magazine & Studio

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