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PR Contact:  Jesika Contepomi, AVENUE Inc.

April 4, 2009

From 2D to 3D fully interactive advertising: How Ikatoo and virtual worlds will revolutionize in-game advertising

Founded on the needs of today’s digital era, Ikatoo brings brands closer to their audience in a way traditional media no longer can.  With a keen understanding of the 3D web, the company’s goal is to assist both in-world businesses as well as real world companies in bridging the gap between the real and virtual world by providing advanced advertising distribution solutions for virtual worlds like Second Life®.

Ikatoo will be launching their flagship product, MetaClickTM on 24th April 2009 in Second Life. MetaClick is a 3D advertisement network that allows simultaneous distribution of 3D ads across various locations in Second Life.  MetaClick’s interactive features include landmark and website redirection along with and object hand-outs.  Brands and content creators in Second Life can use MetaClick to reach their virtual target audience with the means to place their content right where people are. Gone are the days of unsightly 2D ad boards.

With a robust and comprehensive self management system, MetaClick empowers advertisers with flexibility to set their own campaign budget from as low as $0.05 per click.  The management system enables easy uploading of advertisements accompanied by full detailed instructions.  Advertisers can view these details at a glance by simply logging on to their account online. With such unique features, MetaClick provides flexibility for advertisers to monitor and update their campaigns as they see fit for effective advertising.

In addition, with an ad revenue sharing model, MetaClick allows landowners to monetize their traffic by simply placing an ad platform on their properties.  All revenue generated by unique clicks on each platform is shared with the landowner.

Ikatoo is able to offer their clients a diverse range of cutting edge services because of the team’s background in advertising, product design, marketing and communications, finance, network implementation and application development.  Founders Douglas Abrams, former IT manager for J.P. Morgan; Juan Herrada, former G2 Branding & Design strategist and Chuck Gordon former Data Solutions Guru for Concentus Data, were brought together by their love for advertising and enthusiasm for virtual worlds.

Ikatoo Founders

Ikatoo will collaborate with renown designers on a dynamic runway show organized by AVENUE Models to officially announce their presence in Second Life on April 24, 2009 @ 6pm SLT.

PR Contact:
Joy Laperriere
Vice President of Marketing, Ikatoo


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PR Contact:
Jesika Contepomi
Vice President of Marketing, AVENUE Inc.


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