Your business is ours. And at AVENUE we make it our business to see to it that our clients’ needs, desires and goals are met. Every care is taken to ensure that our clients get a return on their investment of their event, campaign and exposure. Our objective is always to exceed expectations.

Here are what our clients, the press and business partners have to say :-

“For me personally it was one of the best experiences i had in Second Life. First when Rusch Raymaker, AVENUE Models CEO offered to manage a fashion show for me i thought it will be just a normal show just like all other in Second Life. I didn’t expect much and didn’t think much about it either. It turned out to be a very professionally run and fabulous stage performance. Everything was just perfect. Zasa Rossini created a breathtaking atmosphere by building up a beautiful stage, Rusch created sensational choreography and also took care of the great music and show and the beautiful models made an excellent performance. I was very impressed and had loads of fun. All i can say is that I’m looking forward to working together with AVENUE one day again.”
~ Layja Vidor of EXXESS Designs

“A fresh, fun and friendly approach to a runway show and a great staff . They were a pleasure to do business with.”
~ Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals

“Avenue Models put on a great fashion show for Ravenwear. It was painless for me and turned out to be a wonderful experience. As we all know fashion shows are alot of work! It was nice to be able to sit back, have all the details handled by Avenue allowing me to enjoy the show!”
~ Raven Lament of Ravenwear

When I first came into contact with Rusch the first time Avenue started, I was blown away by the originality and quality of the show. Talk about brilliant! Models descending from the clouds! Having photographed her models for Essence, who always came prepared and ready to work, I’m extremely excited to working with her as a member of the agency this time around.
~ Takeshi Kiama of Essence of SL

“I also met up with Avenue Agency owner, Rusch Raymaker, and their PR person, Annette Wilder. Everyone at the show was quite helpful to the press that showed up and I was delighted by the friendly, professional atmosphere. This was one of the most delightful fashion show events I’ve ever attended. The models did a fine job, the show itself was snappy, not too long, not too short and went off on schedule – as far as I could tell, without a hitch. There was even time set aside after the show so the press could take pictures! What a concept!”
~ CronoCloud Creeggan, review on Linden Lifestyles

“Wilder Public Relations Inc. has not only worked with Avenue Models Inc. in the past but we also started out as the PR within Avenue Models. Working with Rusch Raymaker was a true eye opener and a wonderful glimpse into the world of modeling and fashion. So much passion and so much time goes into making each and every fashion show a beautiful experience not just for the designer but for the audience who attends these shows. Avenue is the top agency in SL and we are proud to be part of that and even more proud to say our roots started with Avenue.”

~ Annette Wilder, CEO, Wilder Public Relations Inc

“I have been working for AVENUE MODELS on different events providing the musical part. Every single time I was impressed by how professional those events were conducted. I am really looking forward to work with and for AVENUE MODELS in the near future.”
~ Serdan Mendes of Stereo Sushi

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I’ve been there,
    i was atonished by the incredible scenary and coreografy!
    As usual Avenue models rocks the runway!
    I’m so so so happy to see the magnificent top model Mimmi Boa, she’s stunning, she’s unique, perfect!
    Please add her pictures on the Avenue Models site, poor male avatars needs to be such a beauty!
    I still clap loudy to Layja Vidor and to all the Avenue CEO and staff.

  2. waw, so much positive words. I interest to work together or take a part of the success 😉
    I am sure it will be great! Hope you gonna like the GoodLook Design…

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