| AVENUE Magazine MWFW 2012 Exclusive | Looks |

These are the three looks that I styled for the MWFW 2012 Exclusive Supplement. Since the entire styling details were not included in the supplement….they are here 🙂 Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Check out the Supplement online here: http://issuu.com/avenue/docs/avenue.mwfw2012exclusive

| Look 1 |

Pants: [LWL] || Power Suit Pants

Tights: [LWL] || Sheer Tights

Jacket: [LWL]  || Volga Shrug

Shirt: [LWL] || Sheer Shift

Belt: [LWL] || Power Suit Belt

Shoes: [LWL] || Escape Boots

Skin: Tableau Vivant || Andrej Skin / SerpentMKp

Body Oil: Nyokos || Bodyoil

Eye Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUPS || Gunmetal Glitter Shadow

Gloves: Miamai // Vix Gloves

Nails: Mandala // Unisex Nail Palette

Hair: Dura Boy || Boy 26

| Look 2 |

Pants: sYs // Atira

Tattoo: sYs // Syborg

Belt: sYs // Alcane

Knee: sYs // Alcane

Glasses: sYs // Alcane

Boots: sYs // Doom

Vest: sYs // Orion

Makeup Gloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP // Glossy Boy

Nails: Mandala || Unisex Nail Palette

Hair: UrbanLutz || Work Dat Pony Tail

| Look 3 |

Pants: [LWL] || Power Suit Pants

Jacket: [LWL] || Power Jacket (mesh)

Shirt: [LWL] || Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Sleeve: [LWL] || Power Suit Sleeve

Headpiece: [LWL] || Telephone Headdress (BW)

Hat: [LWL]  || Son of Man Bowler II

Shoes: [LWL] || Pretender NightSummit (L)

Shoes: [LWL] || Pretender Mountain Pass (R)

Belt: [LWL] || Power Suit Belt

Skin: Tableau Vivant || Andrej Skin / SerpentMKp

Lip Gloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP || Glossy Boy

Hair Base: VCD || Express Yourself Style 2

Ring: Epoque || Amen Knuckle Ring – Obsidian


| Cavalier |

| Style Info |

[W&B] // Boyd Dress Trousers

AOHARU // Cashmere Turtleneck

Bliss Couture // !Bliss Fur! Editorial Fur Coat

Mentine // Soft Leather Gloves

Hoorenbeek // Mullingar Boots

VCD // Express Yourself – Facial Hair-6-LJ

VCD // Express Yourself – Facial Hair – 1

VCD // Rafael-Tone0

Elilka Sieyes // Soft Wool Flat Cap

Original Full Image


– Cade

| Yin & Yang |

Awesome new skin from Vaya Con Dios by Lulu Jameson called Rafael offered in multiple tones! The textures and shading on these skins are brilliant! The two I am showing above are the Yin & Yang tones…..since black and white are two of my favorite colors :p The other six tones that are offered are just as amazing as these…so go grab a demo and see for yourself!!

Thank you Lulu!!

| Style Card |

– Cade –

Skin: Vaya Con Dios || Rafael-Tone Yin

Pants: Tableau Vivant || Claw Pants

Eye Liner: Tableau Vivant || Vincent Makeup 1 Eyeliner

Hair: Maitreya || Jordyn

– Jett Ember –

Skin: Vaya Con Dios || Rafael-Tone Yang

Hair: Maitreya || Jordyn

– Enjoy