| AVENUE Magazine MWFW 2012 Exclusive | Looks |

These are the three looks that I styled for the MWFW 2012 Exclusive Supplement. Since the entire styling details were not included in the supplement….they are here 🙂 Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Check out the Supplement online here: http://issuu.com/avenue/docs/avenue.mwfw2012exclusive

| Look 1 |

Pants: [LWL] || Power Suit Pants

Tights: [LWL] || Sheer Tights

Jacket: [LWL]  || Volga Shrug

Shirt: [LWL] || Sheer Shift

Belt: [LWL] || Power Suit Belt

Shoes: [LWL] || Escape Boots

Skin: Tableau Vivant || Andrej Skin / SerpentMKp

Body Oil: Nyokos || Bodyoil

Eye Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUPS || Gunmetal Glitter Shadow

Gloves: Miamai // Vix Gloves

Nails: Mandala // Unisex Nail Palette

Hair: Dura Boy || Boy 26

| Look 2 |

Pants: sYs // Atira

Tattoo: sYs // Syborg

Belt: sYs // Alcane

Knee: sYs // Alcane

Glasses: sYs // Alcane

Boots: sYs // Doom

Vest: sYs // Orion

Makeup Gloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP // Glossy Boy

Nails: Mandala || Unisex Nail Palette

Hair: UrbanLutz || Work Dat Pony Tail

| Look 3 |

Pants: [LWL] || Power Suit Pants

Jacket: [LWL] || Power Jacket (mesh)

Shirt: [LWL] || Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Sleeve: [LWL] || Power Suit Sleeve

Headpiece: [LWL] || Telephone Headdress (BW)

Hat: [LWL]  || Son of Man Bowler II

Shoes: [LWL] || Pretender NightSummit (L)

Shoes: [LWL] || Pretender Mountain Pass (R)

Belt: [LWL] || Power Suit Belt

Skin: Tableau Vivant || Andrej Skin / SerpentMKp

Lip Gloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP || Glossy Boy

Hair Base: VCD || Express Yourself Style 2

Ring: Epoque || Amen Knuckle Ring – Obsidian

| I Like How it Feels |

| Style Info |

Pants – Muism || Kirk Jeans

Shirt – Iruco || Thin knit v

Jacket – Grasp || LeatherBikerJacket2010

Tattoo – AITUI || Cover Music – Mistakes

Eyeliner – Tableau Vivant || Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner

EyeShadow – blackLiquid MAKEUP || Gunmetal Glitter Shaddow (contact blackLiquid Tokyoska)

Gloss – Fruk ||Manly Lip Gloss

Nails – Maldala || SINRA NAIL

Belt – NSD || Rock’n’Rolla Lion belt

Necklace – Mandala || SMEXY TIE NECKLACE(cross)

Chin Piercing – .HoD.|| The Beast’s Mark (modded to have only chinpiece)

Hair – Exile || Andrej

Boots – TheAbyss> || NAU Combat Boots

Nose Piercings – Mad Echo || Abbey Piercing (modded to work)

Cuff – Hoorenbeek || Leather Cuff – John

SunGlasses – SteinWerk || Aviator

Skin – Tableau Vivant || Andrej


– Cade

| Yin & Yang |

Awesome new skin from Vaya Con Dios by Lulu Jameson called Rafael offered in multiple tones! The textures and shading on these skins are brilliant! The two I am showing above are the Yin & Yang tones…..since black and white are two of my favorite colors :p The other six tones that are offered are just as amazing as these…so go grab a demo and see for yourself!!

Thank you Lulu!!

| Style Card |

– Cade –

Skin: Vaya Con Dios || Rafael-Tone Yin

Pants: Tableau Vivant || Claw Pants

Eye Liner: Tableau Vivant || Vincent Makeup 1 Eyeliner

Hair: Maitreya || Jordyn

– Jett Ember –

Skin: Vaya Con Dios || Rafael-Tone Yang

Hair: Maitreya || Jordyn

– Enjoy

| Gizza |

I decided to blog the looks that I styled and photographed for the exclusive issue that AVENUE did for Gizza. If you haven’t seen the issue, go check it out!!

AVENUE Magazine November Exclusive – GizzA

Hope you enjoy!!

| Look 1 Details |

Shirt: Gizza // Barong Cream

Pants: Gizza // Flax Black

Boots: Chronokit // Layer Boots 02

Hair: Dura Boy // Boy22

Nails: Rozoregalia // Gemma

Glasses: Duboo // Grandpa’s Glasses

Eye makeup: Tableau Vivant // Vincent Makeup 1 Eyeliner

| Look 2 Details |

Shirt: Gizza // Barong Blue

Pants: Gizza // Flax White

Shoes: Fir & MNA // The Ashford Broque

Hair: Dura Boy // Boy24

Nails: Mandala // UNISEX Nail Palette

Ring: Rozoregalia // Belial

Ear Piercings: Rozoregalia // Nornir

Monocle: Nala // Monocle Cross

Cigarette: NikotiN // Cigarette Black

Eye Makeup: Tableau Vivant // Vincent Make up 8 Shade

| Look 3 Details |

Outfit including boots, hat, and crow: Gizza // Faust

Hair: Saboteurs // GDN005

Nails: Mandala // UNISEX Nail Palette

Ring: NSD // Emery

Facial Piercing: Razzorroom // Dee

Eye Makeup: La Malvada Mujer // Yes Sir #1

| Look 4 Details |

Shirt: Gizza // Rococo Black

Pants: Gizza // Flax Cream

Boots: Kookie // Armarda Noir

Hair: Dura Boy // Boy20

Nails: Mandala // Sinra

Ring: NSD // Cross Mens

Facial Piercing: Mandala // Takayama

Eye Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP // Gunmetal Glitter Shadow (contact blackLiquid Tokyoska directly for makeup)

Doin’ it Well…

Awesome new line out at Tableau Vivant…! M4ri1yn and Aida always produce awesome products in everything they do!! Everything that I am wearing from there is new…. so make sure you go grab it!!

Especially their new skin Zero. Amazing skin, clothes, and people :p

Thanks again guys :D!!

| style card |

Skin: Tableau // Zero

Shirt: Tableau // Double Shirt Black

Pants: Tableau // Dean Jeans

Necklace: Tableau // Ave Maria

Nails: Mandala // UNISEX Nail Palette

Ring: NSD // Cross Mens Ring

Eyebrow Piercing: Rozoregalia // Nornir

Earings: Rozoregalia // Gazellver

Hair: Lelutka // Isha

Boots: Hoorenbeek // Military Boots Loose

Poses: IMMA POSE // Don’t Front


– Cade

I n s a n i t y

Another AWESOME creation by Giz Seorn called I n s a n i t y from Gizza.  Thank you Giz :)!

| Style Card |

Straigh Jacket outfit:  I n s a n i t y – Gizza

( It includes the boots as well as the “lower” attachment as well as a female version.)

Hair: YALLI – Cheerno

Ear Pieces: InThe Flash – DECO – Finesmith

Mask: Dark Surgeon – Cobrahive

Staple Head Tattoo: Lobotomy Face Tattoo – REPULSE

Eyeliner:  Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner – Tableau Vivant

Eye Shadow: Heavenly – blackLiquid Makeup – request by blackLiquid Tokyoska

Eyes: .sP.  iGaze Blind – request by Naomi Afterthought


For Your Entertainment

Who said I can’t wear her shoes.

| style card |

Jacket: **GizzA** Crocodile Biker Jacket / Feather

Pants: **GizzA** Biker Leather Pants / Black

Gloves: [CheerNo]-LEATHER gloves/Black

Nails: *Gemma*Ring&Nail/2

Necklace: – .HoD. – Mercenary Part 2

Eyebrow Piercing: [ addiXion – Arrows EyeBrow piercing ]

Boots: *chronokit* layer boots 02 Nylon Black

Hair w/ Hairbase: **Dura-Boy**13(Woodsmoke)

| makeup |

EyeLiner: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner

EyeShadow: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up 8 Shade