Dryad, Entre Mares, Eshi and FIR all have Love for McQueen

And the list of inspired designers continues. Dyrad Designs, Entre Mares, Eshi Otawara and FIR all joined us with their personal inspirations and tributes to Alexander McQueen.

Dryad was inspired by a McQueen dress circa the 2008 Spring collection, her talent and ability to turn this dress into a stunning adornment amazes me.

Entre Mares design combined the silhouette of McQueen’s spring 2010 collection with the color and vibrance of spring 2008, what imagination.

Eshi Otawara was so gracious to join us for this tribute, not only a dear friend of ours, but a true inspiration to many SL designers herself. Her inspiration was the man himself, with her combination of steel blades contrasted by soft feathered wings.

FIR took McQueen’s fun fashion edgy look of Spring 2007 and mixed it with their own punk twist. Enough of me…here are the pics.

Dryad Designs

“The dress this necklace is the inspiration for was worn by Nicole Kidman to the CMA Awards. It highlights the lilac purple color with sugilite and charoite stones and mimics the black asian chrysanthemum, leaf and butterfly pattern using gunmetal.” ~Dryad Fall

Entre Mares Designs

“To cherish the memory of the genius Alexander McQueen, a favorite designer whose designs impress me a lot in SL and RL. ”Legend M” is simple but elegant. The inspiration is from McQueen’s unique tailoring married with a purple rose texture which depicts feeling of dreams, hope, peace and romance.” ~ Sykao Adamski

Eshi Otawara

“It wasn’t but his death that made me look up Alexander McQueen – and I pity the time lost on my end. Bold, sensuous, elaborate, elegant, sharp as a blade yet gentle as a feather – the spirit of McQueen. Fly Home on the wings of divine inspiration. Till next time, <3.” ~Eshi Otawara


“Ringleader is an ode to Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2007 menswear collection. Inspired by the circus Alexander McQueen produced a collection of fun, brilliantly colored, and playful designs for the man about town with a sense of humor. We’ve taken this and put a bit of Rock N Roll edge that *FIR* is known for and held true to the spirit of McQueen’s collection. Combining many pieces inspired directly by McQueen and a few that come out of our imagination.” ~Rob1977 Moonites & Lexie Jansma


The charity sale runs through the end of March and each design can be found at the respective designers mainstore with 100% of the funds going to Keep a Child Alive.

For more information and full list participating designers and slurls, please read the official press release.

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Love for McQueen Reigned Supreme

For the Love of McQueen

The much anticipated tribute to the late Alexander McQueen by AVENUE on Sunday at GOL was quickly filled up by a roomful of whose who in the fashion and media industry. It was no wonder why as 38 of some of Second Life’s top fashion designers were contributing their own unique design in tribute to McQueen and everyone was eager to see these designs for the first time. Spotted in the crowd were various participating designers that included the design teams of Lelutka, CHANTKARE and RFyre amongst others.

As guests arrived, AVENUE CEO & the Producer of this show and project, Rusch Raymaker played a selection of musical pieces from Alexander McQueen’s favourite musicians namely Michael Nyman and Phillip Glass. Then Angie Mornington of Fabulous Fashion TV took to the stage and took over the introductions of the show and the amazing designs unfolded to the delighted and enthralled audience.

Aleida Rhode in Casa Del Shai

Natasja Schumann in Indyra Originals' Sakura du Mort with Coquette Noir Ankle Boots & LeLutka Ultra Horns

Mui Mukerji in 3636's "You Will Be In My Heart" ensemble including hair

Jennaa Loire in Stainglass Widow by Stylissimo & Hat by AtomicBambi

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For The Love of McQueen – Charity Event

AVENUE Presents "For the Love of McQueen"

AVENUE Models proudly presents “For the Love of McQueen”, a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, where 38 fashion designers have come together to lend their support in each creating a design that is inspired by McQueen’s work and spirit.

These original designs created within a week, will be showcased in a fashion show on 28th February 2010 at 12 pm SLT on GOLden shopping sim after which the designs will be available for sale at the designers’ stores for the month of March. 100% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the charity, Keep A Child Alive, since Alexander McQueen was a known supporter of similar AIDS / HIV charities.

Watch the progression of donations received through this project at ikeepachildalive/avenuesl.

*Show Date: 28 February, 2010 @ 12pm SLT

Where:  For the Love of McQueen @ GOL

*Charity Sale: 1-31 March, 2010

For more information and full list participating designers and media partners, please read the official press release.

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AVENUE Magazine – Popi by Eshi Otawara

POPI designed by Eshi Otawara

POPI designed by Eshi Otawara

POPI - A symbol of rememberance, you will never be forgotten in this dress.

POPI - A symbol of rememberance, you will never be forgotten in this dress.

AVENUE Magazine - Popi by Eshi Otawara

AVENUE Inc. takes great pleasure to introduce another captivating creation from the design house of Eshi Otawara. Simply titled POPI, Eshi explained that her reason for naming the dress POPI instead of the English spelling of the flower poppy was that Japanese people say it this way. Eshi’s homage to Japanese style is seen in her Spring/Winter collection where she has incorporated symbols from Japan into her designs creating a harmonious fusion of fashion and art.

Eshi’s POPI dress is reminiscent of the Oriental Poppy with it’s splendid array of salmon, pink, red, scarlet orange, deep maroon and white colors. Bee’s are highly attracted to the poppy flower and never surprised at Eshi’s attention to detail, included in the dress is a stunning bee ring to remind one of their place in natures cycle when wearing this creation.

As with all Eshi’s designs, they transcend from her minds eye into the Metaverse as supurbly constructed pieces that fit like a jig saw puzzle and even in movement, everything remains as it should. There is no doubt that Eshi has mastered the mechanics of clothing construction for the avatar which surely means that you will never be disappointed with your purchase.

The bold poppy hat featuring an amazing veil of white netting that softens the face and creates a certain mystery is the jewel in the crown. One can only imagine what the meaning behind the needle like adornments is and I am almost too scared to ask, such is my enjoyment of making my own interpretations of Eshi’s work.

In closing, POPI is impeccably constructed and is a credit to Eshi’s talents. As an aside, whilst searching locations to shoot the dress, in the space of 20 minutes three people unknown to me messaged in IM to say ‘WOW, I love that dress’. That says it all right there.

Written and styled by AVENUE Model, Chalice Carling.

AVENUE Magazine - Popi by Eshi Otawara

AVENUE Magazine introduces new hair from Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara


Otochime hair by Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara announces a new hair release, Otohime. This hair comes in black, white, silver, red, and champagne. The hair is long and flowing, with a hair knot suspended by a cylinder which contains dragon detailing from a RL painting she has done, which was also the inspiration for one of her earliest conceptualized limited edition dresses. Hanging from this cylinder is a long banded ponytail of hair that drapes the length of the hair. This hair continues the Japanese theme of her Spring Collection.

The sea dragon shown in the picture comes from a Japanese story of the God of the Sea, Ryujin, who lives in a sea palace, controls the tides, and was the father of Otohime, who was known as the beautiful “Luminous Jewel,” and was the grandmother of the first Emperor of Japan. This made the powerful Ryujin the ancestor of the whole Japanese dynasty.

GABBY – Hair

Gabby hair from Eshi Otawara

Also newly released is the Gabby Hair in black, which is Eshi’s donation to the RFL. All proceeds from the sale of this short style which features feathered bangs and a pulled back section of banded hair with a hair clip will be donated to the RFL Charity.

The Otohime Hair and Gabby Hair are both available both in her Eshi Otawara store at Blumfield.

AVENUE Magazine February 2009 Issue


AVENUE Magazine February 2009 Issue

AVENUE Magazine’s juiciest issue yet!  

Fill in all the good stuff!  Here’s a sneak peek on what’s in store for you :

Eshi Otawara

Fashion Icon : Eshi Otawara

Up close & personal with Bliss Couture's Amutey DeCuir

Up close & personal with Bliss Couture's Amutey DeCuir

Love in Motion featuring Semotion Studio's couple poses

Fashion Spread : Love in Motion featuring SEmotion Studio’s couple poses


Catch up on SL's Fashion Agenda of Events

Catch up on SL's Fashion Agenda of Events

Beautiful living with BOTHA Architects

Beautiful living with BOTHA Architects

On Love

This Month's Artistic Curation of Inspirations : On Love

Through the artist's eyes of Melodious Source

Through the artist's eyes of Melodious Source

Dive into the world of AVENUE Photographer Divine Tokyoska

Dive into the world of AVENUE Photographer Divine Tokyoska

Get your inworld copy today at AVENUE or view it online at AVENUE Magazine’s Blog.

Press Release “Eshi Otawara” – Limited releases


Second Life fashion lovers are in for a special treat.  The Eshi Otawara label releases three new gowns.


Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures”


Jardin Des Milles by Eshi Otawara

Jardin Des Milles by Eshi Otawara

Jardin Des Milles by Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara announces her second Limited Edition dress, “Jardin des Milles Fleures,” under her new “Eshi Otawara” label.

This dress is composed of a hoodie, bodice, and skirt is a 1000 prim outfit made up of hundreds of individual black, gold and lilac prim pieces which reinforce the floral and stem pattern painted on the sheer central panel.  The 253 prim hoodie encircles the head in a gold and black coif, lined in midnight and accented by lilac entwined vines.  The upper bodice continues the theme, with sheer lilac accents encircling the sleeves.  The skirt contains 491 prims, with rich hues of blue, gold, and lilac continued, producing an overall effect of a living, wearable garden.  A clear diamond rose topped key to the garden necklace finishes the ensemble.

This incredible Eshi Otawara Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures” outfit will be for sale at Eshi’s store in Blumfield.  Only 10 of the Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures” dresses will be available for purchase for L$40,000.





Midnight Chalice by Eshi Otawara

"Chalice" Midnight by Eshi Otawara

Eshi will also be offering a Limited Release Edition Dress on sale through the month of January ONLY, “Chalice – Midnight.”  This dress has textures of dark and light, mixing colors of midnight, blues and gold, with gentle glow emanating from the center of the skirt.  The textures were originally used in a custom dress made for the Miss Virtual World pageant, but have been totally remixed into a set of 3 dresses in one.  The textures were originally created to showcase the feel of the Australian desert under the night sky.  In the current form, the dress can be worn as an elegant dress with a sparkled bodice that is framed with a delicate ruffle around the top, completed by Eshi original starry earrings and wrist cuff.  It can also be worn as two additional looks by changing the neck pieces, adding on a chest ruffle, arm pieces, and a new blue textured bodice.   Like Eshi’s Christmas and Auld Lang Syne Dresses, this set of 3 dresses in one will only be offered through the end of January 2009.




Bengal by Eshi Otawara

Bengal by Eshi Otawara

Eshi has added an additional Kegawa dress to her Winter/Spring Collection.  This dress, the “Bengal,” has striped patterns of white and pale from the bodice to the trailing skirts, reflecting the power of the royal White Tiger from which it draws its inspiration.  With multiple leg prim attachments, the dress can be worn long or short, so that the dress can flow and move with the wearer.  The bustle at the back especially reminds one of the “floating world” of the Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings.  Coordinating earrings and a necklace are included with the dress.  The “Bengal” joins the “Cheetah” and “Tiger” Kegawa dresses, which represent the evening portion of Eshi’s Collection.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-bengal-2


Codie-Bob Hair



Codie Bob hair by Eshi Otawara

Eshi has also added an additional new hair, the “Codie Bob.”  This is a short chin length bob with long front bangs and flipped ends on the side.  This hair will only be available in black.  For her hair lines, Eshi has made several whimsical demo attachments which are transferable.  They are not to be missed, and are the different demo attachments are given at random from the demo vendors.  Because they are transferable, you can trade them with friends until you have collected them all.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-codie-bob-hair-11 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-codie-bob-hair-2

All of the designs shown, as well as discounted earlier Eshi collections upstairs, will be for sale at Eshi Otawara’s Shop below: