| Redefining |

| style card |

Coat: COCO // Down Jacket

Shirt: AOHARU // DeepVNeck Tank

Cuffs Under Jacket: COCO // Denim Shirt (cuffs only)

Pants: CheerNo // Prince EXPERIENCE (pants only)

Boots: Azoury // Cavaliere

Hair: CheerNo // Notorius

Nails: Vextra Fashion // Supershine Finger Nail Polish

Eye Makeup: blackLiquid Makeup // 1920s Brooks Eyes

Body Oil: Nyokos // Bodyoil2 for Men

– Cade

| Past |

| style card |

Shirt: Gizza // SweatShirt

Pants: Gizza // Flax Pants

Tattoo: Aitui // Cover Music – Mistakes II

Hair Base: Plume // Express Yourself Collection – Style 2

Hat: Kari // Rude Boy

Glasses: Duboo // Grandpa’s Glasses

Ears: CheerNo // Ears GAUGE Hollow

Ring: Epoque // Brainwash Ring – Obsidian

Eyeshadow: blackLiquid Makeup // Gunmetal Glitter (contact blackLiquid Tokyoska directly)

Boots: Kookie // Armarda

– Cade

I n s a n i t y

Another AWESOME creation by Giz Seorn called I n s a n i t y from Gizza.  Thank you Giz :)!

| Style Card |

Straigh Jacket outfit:  I n s a n i t y – Gizza

( It includes the boots as well as the “lower” attachment as well as a female version.)

Hair: YALLI – Cheerno

Ear Pieces: InThe Flash – DECO – Finesmith

Mask: Dark Surgeon – Cobrahive

Staple Head Tattoo: Lobotomy Face Tattoo – REPULSE

Eyeliner:  Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner – Tableau Vivant

Eye Shadow: Heavenly – blackLiquid Makeup – request by blackLiquid Tokyoska

Eyes: .sP.  iGaze Blind – request by Naomi Afterthought


For Your Entertainment

Who said I can’t wear her shoes.

| style card |

Jacket: **GizzA** Crocodile Biker Jacket / Feather

Pants: **GizzA** Biker Leather Pants / Black

Gloves: [CheerNo]-LEATHER gloves/Black

Nails: *Gemma*Ring&Nail/2

Necklace: – .HoD. – Mercenary Part 2

Eyebrow Piercing: [ addiXion – Arrows EyeBrow piercing ]

Boots: *chronokit* layer boots 02 Nylon Black

Hair w/ Hairbase: **Dura-Boy**13(Woodsmoke)

| makeup |

EyeLiner: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner

EyeShadow: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up 8 Shade


Hello there. My name is Gabe Bookmite and I was asked to be a male blogger for Avenue. Once a week I will be posting my views on fashion.

For this weeks look I wanted to do something brighter. With spring and summer coming, all the bright bright colors that I love are coming back which makes me happy. I honestly was sick of the darker tones that come out during the fall and winter.

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