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MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012

AVENUE Models is proud to kickoff the pioneering event of Spring Fashion 2012, MIX + MESH. Join us as we celebrate with two weeks of fashion shows, a styling contest and parties.

MIX + MESH will kick-off this Saturday at The Grove with a sneak peak showcase of exclusive designs from each designer. Over the two weeks, there will be individual designer shows that promise to pique your shopping appetite with a state of the art shopping hud provided by Fashioncentric.

AVENUE :: MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair

Feb 25 – 1pm MIX + MESH Opening Show + Party
Feb 29 – 1pm ALAFOLIE
Mar 01 – 1pm MONS
Mar 01 – 5pm HUCCI
Mar 02 – 1pm AZOURY
Mar 02 – 2pm JADOR
Mar 02 – 5pm TORN
Mar 03 – 1pm RICIELLI
Mar 03 – 4pm VERO MODERO
Mar 03 – 5pm MY PRECIOUS
Mar 07 – 1pm HOORENBEEK
Mar 07 – 4pm MOLICHINO
Mar 08 – 1pm AD CREATIONS
Mar 09 – 1pm LOPO
Mar 09 – 2pm VIOLATOR
Mar 09 – 5pm AMARELO MANGA
Mar 11 – 12pm CLOSING PARTY

The MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair Contest will take photo submissions from February 25, 2012 until March 7, 2012.


For more information please read the MIX + MESH official press release.

AVENUE Models Academy :: Graduation :: 29 JAN

AVENUE Models Academy :: Graduation :: 29 JAN

AVENUE is proud to welcome the latest batch of AVENUE Models Academy trainees to the runway on Sunday, January 29th.

Amita Yorcliffe
Emlies Emlies Xeltentat
Ewan Crumb
Gabe Bookmite
Isobel Oleander
Kalyabreeaa Capelo
Landa Crystal
Quinty Sirnah
sakira mirabella
Sienna Bellios
YeriakTH Couturier

Come and support the hard work and amazing talent of our most recent graduates.

Designer Showcased: Faster Pussycat

12pm SLT


MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012


AVENUE Models, in partnership with Fashioncentric, is proud to invite you to participate in the pioneering event of Spring Fashion 2012 : MIX + MESH.

AVENUE Models has been part of Second Life for over 4 years and our goal, as Second Life evolves, is to grow with it. Mesh technology is now available gridwide in Second Life and the implementation of this feature is a breakthrough that has already opened the way to new creative possibilities.

As we celebrate Fashion and present the new Spring Collections, we will promote the use of Mesh by staging this fashion fair from February 25th – March 11th. The stage and store builds will be an original mesh build by Nardya Rousselot.

The Mesh Fashion Fair will kick-off on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 with a spectacular showcase of exclusive Mesh ensembles created by all participating designers. The Fair and sales of Mesh items, along with a rich schedule of customized individual fashion shows, contests and events, will continue until Sunday, March 11th, 2012. AVENUE will be driving grid wide publicity prior, during and after the event and Fashioncentric will assist in providing a user-driven platform where you can access the latest and the coolest.

If you are interested to be a pioneer and have a part in the MIX + MESH Fashion Event, kindly fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be contacting you shortly. If you have questions, you may email them to info@avenuesl.com.

As spaces are limited, participation will be granted on a first come first served basis to those who can comply with what is requirements for the fair. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to bringing to the Second Life community, another stellar event to promote fashion to the grid.