The new side of Menswear :: AVENUE Magazine March 2012

“Tied Up”
Fun with Fashion | Page 46
By Vixie Rayna

Androgyny was our theme for March, inspired by the upcoming Menswear Fashion Week 2012. All of AVENUE Magazine columnists were instructed to find their inner androgynous style. I tried to breakdown the idea into the basic theme of a tie.


mi Style | Page 68
By Miaa Rebane


“Andro Man”
Edge of Style | Page 84
By Boe Cortes

Androgynous style is fast becoming a trend in Second Life® fashion with many designers opting to create unisex clothing. Men and women are increasingly becoming more creative in the way they shop by crossing over and branching out into stores opposite to their gender.


“The Unnamed”
AVENUE Homme | Page 76
Model & Stylist: Salvo Waydelich
Photographer: Ozz Larsson


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AVENUE Magazine March 2012

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AVENUE Magazine December 2011

AVENUE Magazine December 2011

As we round the end of 2011, take a moment to enjoy all that the year has brought us.

– Get a glimpse into the innovative fashion mind of House of Fox designer Fashionboi Landar
- Behind the scene look at Vintage Fair’s Keira Seerose of CHIC Management
- Featured Designer Spread with Faster Pussycat
- AVENUE Model of the Month Dahlia Joubert
- Interiors with Cheeky Pea
- Interesting Sim at Clockwork Kingdom
- For the love of celebrating SL’s Beautiful Bald & Pink campaign
- Perspective of Christmas in SL
- Live Music Newcomer Long Pausch
- Featured Artist Anon120
- Arts Feature The Path

AVENUE wishes you a happy holiday, and prosperous New Year!

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AVENUE Magazine November Exclusive – GizzA

AVENUE Magazine November Exclusive - GizzA

Innovative, Unique, Vibrant, and Chic, AVENUE is proud to announce this exclusive edition magazine featuring GizzA and personal up-close interview with partners Giz Seorn and Auster Elan.

Get a look at the latest fall fashions and a look through some of summer’s hottest trends.

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AVENUE Magazine October 2011

AVENUE Magazine October 2011

With our Anniversary this month AVENUE is proud to announce it’s upcoming fashion events for the 4th year of AVENUE Models and this 3rd Anniversary issue of the magazine. What more could we ask for then Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch, who graces our cover and gives a provocative interview.

Also in this issue, Fashion Icon Fhara Ricielli, Featured Designer Sanya Bilavio, Guest Stylist Jax Aster, DJ of the Month Aryon Dagger and Featured Artist Bobby Yoshikawa.

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AVENUE Magazine July 2011

AVENUE Magazine July 2011

This month AVENUE is proud to congratulate the 2011 My Precious Summer Queen, Elle Ahren and bring you the latest designs from gown designer extraordinaire Agnes Finney.

With the following special features, this months issue is meant to tease the senses and offer creative inspiration:

Fashion Icon Sabina Gully
Featured Designer Maylee Oh
AVENUE Model of the Month Ananya Mai
Architecture & More Froukje Hoorenbeek
Sports & Recreation LEA Art Games
DJ of the Month Nash Gearhead
Featured Artist Zebra Thursday

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AVENUE of Life presents art.AVENUE

56 artists came together with AVENUE bringing for you art.AVENUE … an exhibition of unique artworks by some of the most talented and visionary artists such as Skip Staheli, Ariel Brearly, Lybra Rage, aRa Sheridan, blackLiquid Tokyoska, La Baroque, Amira Brinner, Cherie Parker, Julie Hastings, Gianmario Masala… to name a few. All 56 artists have donated their original artworks for sale at art.AVENUE gallery and 100% of the proceedings will be forwarded for the benefit of the America Cancer Society RELAY FOR LIFE.

Every year many lives are saved and greater measures are taken to help fight cancer through the Relay of Life events and AVENUE of life is proud to be presenting art.AVENUE for all of us to come together in appreciation of the arts, the talents of sl and play our part in making a difference.

The exhibition ends on July 2nd and here is your link to the art.AVENUE Gallery. (Venue sponsored by Katy60it Cyberstar)


Akasha Divisadero
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader and Team Liason

Anna Sapphire
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader

Arialee Miles
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader

Daniele Eberhardt
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader

Livia Mastroianni
AVENUE of Life | Team Captain

AVENUE Magazine April 2011

AVENUE Magazine April 2011

Spring is in full bloom. AVENUE Magazine is proud to introduce spring in all it’s lovely variations. We celebrate the colorful creativity of designer Julia Merosi of je suis, Fashion Icon Squinternet Larnia, Featured Designer Mayhem Seetan, bursts of colorful-filled stylings from Lulu Jameson, Vixie Rayna, Strawberry Singh and Brie Wonder, and we go into Parallel Worlds, Green Acres and… what is SL without a little controversy from Secondlie Scribe.

May spring, with all it’s colorful changes, bring you growth, explorations and delightful discoveries.

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AVENUE Magazine Exclusive – Aimesi

AVENUE Magazine Exclusive - Aimesi

One constant fashion accessory that every resident of Second Life needs is skin. Defining our look in a way that clothing and jewelry cannot, Mea Carnell, the power house behind Aimesi, has created a fashion brand that stands out from the rest.

Join AVENUE Magazine as we get a personal look at Mea’s drive for creating and how she uses it to help others not only define their look with her skins but inspire them to live a luxurious life with realistic eyes, jewelry, and her many other fashions.

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AVENUE Magazine January 2011

AVENUE Magazine January 2011

Look forward to an exciting new year with AVENUE

Featured this month
:: Fashion revolutionary Kaysha Piers of Osakki
:: AZUL’s enduring elegance
:: Fashion stalwart Harper Beresford
:: EGOISME’s extravagant male styles
:: Naturellement by Lulu Jameson
:: Trendspotting with July Raymaker
:: Ride of creativity with Mysterious Wave
:: Club of the Month : Black Label
:: Arts Feature : Poetry on the move with Lyrical Cafe

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