| Gizza |

I decided to blog the looks that I styled and photographed for the exclusive issue that AVENUE did for Gizza. If you haven’t seen the issue, go check it out!!

AVENUE Magazine November Exclusive – GizzA

Hope you enjoy!!

| Look 1 Details |

Shirt: Gizza // Barong Cream

Pants: Gizza // Flax Black

Boots: Chronokit // Layer Boots 02

Hair: Dura Boy // Boy22

Nails: Rozoregalia // Gemma

Glasses: Duboo // Grandpa’s Glasses

Eye makeup: Tableau Vivant // Vincent Makeup 1 Eyeliner

| Look 2 Details |

Shirt: Gizza // Barong Blue

Pants: Gizza // Flax White

Shoes: Fir & MNA // The Ashford Broque

Hair: Dura Boy // Boy24

Nails: Mandala // UNISEX Nail Palette

Ring: Rozoregalia // Belial

Ear Piercings: Rozoregalia // Nornir

Monocle: Nala // Monocle Cross

Cigarette: NikotiN // Cigarette Black

Eye Makeup: Tableau Vivant // Vincent Make up 8 Shade

| Look 3 Details |

Outfit including boots, hat, and crow: Gizza // Faust

Hair: Saboteurs // GDN005

Nails: Mandala // UNISEX Nail Palette

Ring: NSD // Emery

Facial Piercing: Razzorroom // Dee

Eye Makeup: La Malvada Mujer // Yes Sir #1

| Look 4 Details |

Shirt: Gizza // Rococo Black

Pants: Gizza // Flax Cream

Boots: Kookie // Armarda Noir

Hair: Dura Boy // Boy20

Nails: Mandala // Sinra

Ring: NSD // Cross Mens

Facial Piercing: Mandala // Takayama

Eye Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP // Gunmetal Glitter Shadow (contact blackLiquid Tokyoska directly for makeup)


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