| Jack a Dandy |

It is an honor to be able to blog a wonderful piece from one of my favorite stores and favorite designers. Soraya Vaher, owner of Violator, is an amazingly talented woman. I hope you enjoy what we have put together for you.

| cade wears |

Outfit: Violator // Jack a Dandy ( includes the lashes as well as the Absolute Ambition, black makeup)

Gloves: Miamai // Vix Short Gloves

Hair: Epoque // Cafe King ( hair base included)

Nails: Mandala // UNISEX Nail Palette

Ring: NSD // Cross Mens

Makeup: blackLiquid Makeups // Heavenly

( contact blackLiquid Tokyoska directly for makeup )

| black wears |

Violator-Empire-Black-Crown, Earrings & Shoulder Pad

Violator-Show Hack-Black Silver-Riding Crop

Violator-I See You II-Eyelashes-Black

[sYs] HELLIUM – dress black

Sexy Mamas – Prim Nails

…:::DURA:::… Hairbase – Black

Hope you enjoy!

– Cade


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