art.AVENUE ..Exhibition Closing and Auction

art.AVENUE the very inspirational exhibition of unique artworks, paintings, photo art and sculptures presented by AVENUE of life is coming to an end today at 1pm slt. Those who did not get the chance to visit and contribute to the efforts of AVENUE of Life in supporting the RELAY FOR LIFE please do join us today at the art.AVENUE Gallery  for a closing Auction of very special art pieces.

Among the auction items are present:

“three hooded in the dark scream” Sculpture by blackLiquid Tokyoska

“Angel of Hope” Sculpture by Shellina Winkler

“Eternal life of the seasons” Sculpture by Gleman Jun

The complete list of auction items include fascinating paintings by Kyrie Source, Trill Zapatero, Blessing Moonwing, Filthy Fluno and brilliant sculptures by Arteer Oliva, Giovanna Cerise, Daco Monday, Sledge Roffo, Solkide Auer, Kicca Igaly and synergistic Merryman.

100% proceeds are channelled to Relay For Life of Second Life and benefit the American Cancer Society. Let us reach out to the champions that fight cancer everyday through this inspirational event of art and creation. Together we RELAY FOR LIFE.


Akasha Divisadero
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader and Team Liason

Anna Sapphire
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader

Arialee Miles
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader

Daniele Eberhardt
AVENUE of Life | Event Leader

Livia Mastroianni
AVENUE of Life | Team Captain


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