AVENUE Couture of Hope :: Queen for a Day

Cancer may take away much, but never scratches our inner and outer beauty. Couture of Hope designers created stunning couture pieces to make us feel regal, powerful and beautiful, no matter what. Keep fighting your battles and be a Queen every single day.

You can shop these exclusive couture designs here and benefit the American Cancer Society.  In 15 days only, your generous contributions raised over 160,000 L$, YOU are the ones who can make a difference!

AVENUE Model Jesika Contepomi wearing  Aleida // Melly Butterfly special edition SPRINGFLOWER and Sumiko skin special edition SPRING

AVENUE Model Mavi Beck wearing  Orage Creations // Regal Hope

AVENUE Model Livia Mastroianni wearing  Entre Mares // Wish and sYs // Dragonfly skin

AVENUE Model Jesika Contepomi wearing House of Dashwood // Seraphina

AVENUE Model Natasja Schumann wearing Agnes Finney // Angel of Hope

photographers: Annough Lykin and Nala Kurka

For more information and regular AVENUE updates join the AVENUE Magazine Readers group in-world.

To make an online donation and support the American Cancer Society, visit our team webpage.


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