AVENUE Couture of Hope :: Spring Time

Spring was a great source of inspiration for Couture of Hope designers. Celebrating the miracle of life strengthens our hope for a better future and unveils the power of nature, constantly renewing itself in spite of all struggles.

We seek your generous contribution to help us create a world where cancer can no longer claim another spring of anyone’s life.  In one week only, Couture of Hope raised 122,000 L$ to benefit the American Cancer Society, but we can do more!

You can shop these exclusive couture designs here.

AVENUE Model Chirzaka Vlodovic wearing  Indie Rose // Doris 

AVENUE Model Tempest Rosca wearing  Indyra Originals // Elora Gown and Oh! Studio // My Blossom Armour

AVENUE Model Annough Lykin wearing  EMO-tions // Leticia

AVENUE Model Amazon Silverweb wearing  Evolve // Flowing Flower

AVENUE Model Leah McCullough wearing Tres Beau // Lotus

AVENUE Model Maile Michinaga wearing Fellini Couture // Bouquet

photographer: Annough Lykin

For more information and regular AVENUE updates join the AVENUE Magazine Readers group in-world.

To make an online donation and support the American Cancer Society, visit our team webpage.


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