Edgy Lace

For todays look, I have something more edgy and feminine. The top plays with both hard and soft fabrics with a lace top and a leather corset with blue piping. The lace top has touches of teal to tie into the blue of the corset.

For pants, I am using Armidi’s Modern Pants in black. If you remember my first post, I used them in pink. While these pants are older, they are still my favorites. I have them in three colors. I will TRY not to use them as much.

One of my trademarks is wearing heels, however if heels aren’t your thing, you could pair these with boots or dress shoes.

Style Sheet


Hair: Raw House – Tijana hair -Redwood (Tinted to match the base)

Eyes: MADesigns – INDIVIDUAL – melancholy

Skin: CheerNo – ReeseGINGER Pale BD 5 Shav

Nails: Love Soul– Nail Mens Checker


Corset: sYsDesign – ELECTRIC Blue – Corset (part of an outfit)

Top: Ladies Who Lunch – Widow’s Lingerie Turquoise

Bottoms:Armidi Limited – Modern Pants Black

Shoes: PixelFashion – Oshun Shoes White

Poses by Long Awkward Poses.


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