Dashwood, Stylissimo and Wardrobe Outfitters all have Love for McQueen

Each and every designer in our tribute have their own personal stories, connections and inspirations. How did Alexander McQueen’s legacy affect you? How has his designs inspired you as and artist and creator? These are the questions we posed to these almost 40 designers. Not only did each come back with brilliance, but they’ve shared a heartfelt piece of time with each of us. And ‘For the Love of McQueen’ was born.  Here I share with you designs from House of Dashwood, Stylissimo and Wardrobe Outfitters.

There are exactly 5 shopping days left…having raised over 300,000L in the first 2 weeks – we thank each and everyone for your kind donations and support of Keep A Child Alive.

House of Dashwood

“A few years back in, 2006 to be exact, i saw this piece at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in a show called Anglomania and for my silouette of a Robe al Francaise – Alexander McQueen did his jacket with a mens silouette of that time. Since this piece meant so much to me and since he often used humor and theatrics in his looks…. i decided to go a little loud and crazy in honour of him.” ~Dashwood Muircastle


“”Focussing on McQueen’s work on his “Widows of Culloden” show (Fall/Winter 2006), I was inspired by his breathtaking vision on the strong women of the highlands. He took the history and heritage of these women into mind and in return showed a more restraint and thoughtfulness as a designer compared to the bad boy image that got him to his success.

Taking old shapes and cuts with the skirt and jacket, I mashed them together with the electric colours of his recent work to create a fusion of the old meeting the new.

I wanted something that was poised and respectful, a similar quality to the show I drew inspiration from… and showed that McQueen was not about the ability to shock or create controversy… but about expressing a moment in time that will provoke thought and reflection in the fashion world.” ~Loa Oryl

Wardrobe Outfitters

“I have been inspired by nature themes contra the softness of it. A bodice in lace and old materials covered up with greyshifting lillies. An imaginary tousled nest of flowers is the continuation. This woman is the flower itself somewhere in the forrest. Nature has not even made a remark since she is one with nature.” ~Aurelia Scarpulla

The charity sale runs through the end of March and each design can be found at the respective designers mainstore with 100% of the funds going to Keep a Child Alive.

For more information and full list participating designers and slurls, please read the official press release.

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