AVENUE Models presents…CHANTKARE inMOTHion

CHANTKARE inMOTHion :: 28 March - 1PM SLT

AVENUE Models proudly presents the sneak preview of the CHANTKARE inMOTHion collection in this one of a kind fashion experience. You’ve seen it on YouTube and Flickr, now is your chance to see it live before Monday’s release.

Be there!

Sunday, 28 March – 1PM SLT


Sponsored by:
Stiletto Moody

If you haven’t seen it yet…check out the CHANTKARE inMOTHion Video.

For more information on CHANTKARE’s upcoming Spring 2010 collection please read the official press release and join AVENUE Magazine Readers Group in-world for regular updates.


2 thoughts on “AVENUE Models presents…CHANTKARE inMOTHion

  1. Hi,

    Just discovered Avenue Models by chance, when an auto-generated URL linked to our blog, Life^2 aka Life To The Second Power.

    We’re adding you to our ‘roll, we’d be happy if you check our place and link us too 🙂


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