Chantkare and Cheerno have Love for McQueen

One could say Chantkare and Cheerno put their blood sweat and tears into their tributes from McQueen. Both with clear inspirations from his work twisted into unique virtual designs. And let’s not forget the boys! Thank you to both of these fabulous designers for pushing the men down the catwalk.


“I was inspired by many things I recall Mr  Mcqueen had a great friend Isabella Bow who wore fantastic hats made by the great Phillip Treacy, and combined her sense of flair with hats and his wonderful eye for beauty and silhouette, I created this gown. Made of tulle netting and lace underskirt. The overskirt of Silk gazar embroidred with Black accents the bodice fashioned in lace boneing and not meant for the shy (lol). A black metal vest corset piece is worn to pull the look all together.  We at Chantkare Love Alexander Mcqueen for  his genius and his beauty and for giving us inspiration.” ~Applonia Criss

“The inspiration of this men’s outfit comes from a show that amazed me some seasons go.  I felt in love with those “english lord” looks.

The outfit contains  a black shirt with laces and a vest made with vintage fabric in its front.
Keeping this style the outfit is completed with a red plaid pant with knee cut (it also comes in full length). Short pants add a touch of modernism as well as the head bandana.  If we wanna finish that “english lord” look, all you need to do is wearing the top hat and the walker stick included in the outfit.” ~Boston Westland


“Alexander McQueen is the unification of art, design and fashion. His works always conspicuous by their mastery of color, form and content. So, it is hard to describe just an inspiration. My work for this tribute is based on the extent of the work of McQueen and every innovation it represents in the world of fashion.” ~Casa CheerNo Team


The charity sale runs through the end of March and each design can be found at the respective designers mainstore with 100% of the funds going to Keep a Child Alive.

For more information and full list participating designers and slurls, please read the official press release.

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