Casa del Shai and Champagne have Love for McQueen

Two very notable and colorful tributes to McQueen were the “Pula Pod” dress by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai and “Memory” suit by Enzo Champagne of Champagne Sparkling Fashion. Both pieces brought a different touch of McQueen’s influences. And thank you Enzo for not forgetting the men that McQueen was also known for spoiling on the runway.

Casa del Shai

“I was really touched by the little girl who lived under the tree collection (A/W 2009). Near the end of the show, a lady, enclosed in a pod of white feathers, looking out like a little bird. Translated into this piece, a red opulent pod, akin to a budding rosette. I wanted to capture the essence of unfolding petals, opening up to see whats inside.” ~Shai Delacroix


“This is certainly a male outfit to remember. A liquid blue texture covers the pants which fit just right, neither too tight or too lose. The long sleeved dark brown undershirt has a double row of silver buttons trailing up the chest. The blue cropped cover-shirt has a fun swirl texture added with detailed shoulder prims. The collar of the brown undershirt completes the top of this outfit and don’t miss the matching blue mask! Completing the ensemble are matching blue fingerless gloves that peek out just below the prim cuffs of the shirt. In this outfit, you will definitely create some memories!” ~Enzo Champagne


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