Arcadian Reverie and AtomicBambi have Love for McQueen

Both Arcadian Reverie and AtomicBambi offered great additions to the McQueen tribute. McQueen was known for bringing full ‘head-to-toe’ looks to the runway, his relationships with renowned makeup, hair and accessory stylist was unparalleled. Here both designers helped us push this tribute forward in true McQueen fashion.

Arcadian Reverie – Dreamweaver skin is named from the laced mask that looks like glittery web covering half of the face, features brillant powdered colours for the feeling of a fantasy or maybe a dream. Inspired by McQueen’s models, I love the colors and feel it adds an intriguing unique look as well as a good contrast.” ~Samhain Ashdene

“The Madame Butterfly Hat from AtomicBambi draws inspiration from the flamboyance, strong silhouettes, and bright colours that embodied McQueens designs. Pretty, edgy, and with a dark twist, the Madame Butterfly Hat is a perfect statement piece.” ~AtomicSparkle Skytower


The charity sale runs through the end of March and each design can be found at the respective designers mainstore with 100% of the funds going to Keep a Child Alive.

For more information and full list participating designers and slurls, please read the official press release.

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