Scandalous Saturday Ahead

Sensual, sleek, creative, adventurous, glamorous, and sophisticated are just some of the words used to describe Djod Karu’s creations. The streets where full of curious onlookers this past Saturday, anxiously awaiting the new Scandalous Collection from DIRAM. Ever since Djod Karu started creating daring designs people have been drawn to them. Saturday was no exception to that.

Vixie Rayna in DIRAM's Prerogative

Her collection unveiled in a New York City style urban street setting, with street lamps, apartment buildings, and even benches. The talented DJ Rusch Raymaker set the mood with upbeat tunes in the backdrop while the lovely Kryptonia Paperdoll hosted the show.

DJ Rusch & Kryptonia (Host)

The models walked the streets with confidence and sex appeal as they displayed DIRAM’s long awaited collection. You could feel the excitement all around, as people applauded and shouted praise as each design was revealed.

From luscious haute couture to risqué pant suits, DIRAM has what you are looking for to wet anyone’s appetite for fashion.

Avenue - Diram Scandalous Show 40

Avenue - Diram Scandalous Show 46

Avenue - Diram Scandalous Show 41

Djod Karu’s amazing creations will launch in store on January 30th, with the biggest party ever seen, hosted by DJ Rusch Raymaker, so make sure to save up those lindens, because these designs are worth owning.

DIRAM Scandalous Launch Party Flyer

Written by Augusta Carver


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