Casual Cream Couture

LeeZu in Cream

It’s always fun sifting through your inventory (hopefully cleaning it out) and finding old gems to style and play around in. This matchup is far away from my usual black and in all honesty even cheered me up.

Maybe spring is just around the corner?

LeeZu in Cream

styling details after the break…

Styling Details
Skin . LeLutka . ULTRA Show Skin
Hair . LeLutka . ULTRA Show Hair . Blond Bun
Eyes . LeLutka . Absolute Eyes . Gray
Eyelashes . LeeZu . Black Cat Lashes
Nails . Love Soul Prim Nails . Dot Clear French . Cocoa

Pantset . LeeZu . Emma Swings PantSuit . Champagne
Blouse . LeeZu . Valerie Blouse . Champagne
Shoes . LeLutka . Saffron Pumps . Nude
Jewelry . Shiny Things . Ruma Bangles & Earrings . Silver


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