AVENUE hosts Smooth Designs Fashion Show

AVENUE Models hosted another stellar performance showcasing the designs of Aeris Shenlin, owner of Smooth Designs. Specializing in role-play costumes, the styles on display were truly out of this world.

With beautiful prim work and incredibly detailed textures, the designs ranged from genuine Aztec dancers to regal Baroque gowns to the frosty allure of the legendary Snow Queen. The Aztec dancers were a favorite for the fabulous feathered headdresses shown in male and female versions. The exquisite gold work done for the chest plate, arm, wrist and particularly the leg cuffs was immaculate.

Known as the stop for pirates in Second Life, Aeris does not let her creativity stop there. Alien avatars in vibrant reds and blues as well as the elements with Fire, Rainbow and Dark being featured with flowing tentacles that surrounded the models with mystery.

Smooth Designs stunning homage to "The King and I"

The true stunner for me had to be the Yul Brenner costume from the famous film “The King and I”. The layered prims of the sarong and jacket combined with vivid reds truly set the outfit apart from your standard SL costumes.

You can find a more detailed review of this amazing show in our next issue of AVENUE magazine.


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