Hot Shoes & Cool Jewels

Any true fashionista knows that an outfit is never perfect until it’s appropriately accessorized. Truth be told, accessories can make or break a look. As a result, a good amount of thought should go into your selections. The November issue of AVENUE Magazine features the designs of two very talented accessory designers, Sofi Trenkins and Maris Kanto.


Sofi Trenkins is the creative force behind Sigma Jewels, a great place to shop for accessories. Her designs are hip, chic and are made with some of the richest textures around.The pieces are beautiful, look fabulous with just about any fashion style, and reflect Sofi’s artistic talents and eye for fashion.


Maris Kanto is the designer responsible for the beautiful accessories found at Kalnins. Well known for fabulous sunglasses and men’s footwear, Kalnins is quickly becoming the place to shop for women’s footwear as well. The new collection of multicolored scripted footwear is to die for. More importantly the shoes offer a realistic, stylish and classy look at affordable pricing.
To learn more about the creations of these wonderful designers, check out the Novemebr issue of AVENUE Magazine.

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