Spoil Yourself with Gems & Kisses


Jewelry selection can make or break any ensemble.  So, its important to select pieces that make a statement about your chosen look.  However, all SL jewelry is not created equally and it is important that your are able to distinguish between what’s hot and what’s not.

It won’t take you long to discover that you can’t go wrong with the incredible jewelry designs of Deliziosa Vendetta. Her brand, known as Gems & Kisses, has quickly established a reputation for providing stylish haute couture jewelry pieces for the modern avatar.

Gems & Kisses jewelry is classy, unique, and alluring. The high quality designs are made using intricately detailed textures that give the pieces an amzingingly realistic look. Each piece has its own style and personality and looks great with just about anything.

The October issue of AVENUE Magazine is our 1st Anniversary issue and features the magnificent jewelry of Gems & Kisses in the monthly Fashion Spread section.

Click here to see this fabulous spread by Emi Bade and sneak a peek at Deliziosa’s designs.


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