Time To Get Funky

Bringing it back Britpunk stylie with an Ed Hardy inspired twist, this outfit screams “2Kool”. You ooze style from tip to toe wearing this, from the uber-funky Cheerno Trend hair from a.C Studio, to the Japanese print from Pornstar Low Tops. The jacket designed by Loch Newchurch of Soap Store is Michael Jackson inspired, providing an infusion of popfunk into this ensemble. Britpop printed Jeans from [name pending] have some really awesome prim cuffs that lend a really punky feel to them. Accessorising everything with some cool Ed Hardy style gloves and the classic but cool shades from Calypso Giano, complete’s this funktastic little number.

Time To Get Funky


Hair – a.C STD.GloXhair CHEERNO TREND Color [Black pearL]

Eyes – Damiani Moody Blues

Skin – Damiani Noah Clean Dark

Jacket – {soap} Beat It

Inner Shirt – Naith Smit Guns Tank

Pants – [name pending] British Invasion Denim

Shoes – Urban Bomb Unit Pornstar Low Tops

Gloves – Calypso Giano Love Is A Gamble

Sunglasses – Calypso Giano Cobra Silver

Bandana in Back Pocket – Hell Bop (Texture Changeable)


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