BehaviorBody- New AO Releases!

BehaviorBody- New AO Releases!

Newly released by BehaviorBody Animations are three complete AO HUDS which come ready to wear, and are so user-friendly it will delight the pragmatic fashionista in you!

BehaviorBody-AO-Elegance V1.0

The Elegance AO combines poise with sex allure in 34 fantastic animations for the SL lady with a refined taste: It comes complete with five different walks, six stands, four sitting animations and another three for sitting on the ground. Add to that- Flying and swimming cycles and a combo for crouchwalk.




BehaviorBody-AO- Garbo V1.0

Inspired by the debonair charm of this classic silver-screen beauty, the Garbo AO comes complete with every animation you will need in your second life; from crouching to flying and landing, standing, sitting and even swimming. There are 37 unique animations in this easy to use HUD, and it comes with an auto-update feature for life!



BehaviorBody-AO-Elegance & Garbo V1.0

And yes! For those who like to have it all, the Elegance-Garbo AO combines the best of BOTH Elegance and Garbo into ONE smashing set of 43 animations which cover the whole gamut: five walks, fifteen stands, seven sits, and flying/swimming/crouching as well!



These new and awesome AOs are powered by the user-friendly ZHAO II Scripts, and come ready to wear and use. Additional ZHAO help tutorials are included with every package. And as always, each AO comes with an auto-update feature to ensure you have the latest and newest version as soon as it has been released. So hurry up to get yours! And don’t forget to grab the free gift (it’s a surprise) before you leave the store!


BehaviorBody Animations is owned by Antosperandeo Allen and located at BAIASTICE (146, 88, 24)

Here is the SLURL!


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