Ziggah Zig Ahhh

Ziggah Zig Ahhh

I’ll tell you what i want, what i really really want …

I was lucky enough to have these awesome dresses passed to me by the prolific designer of  [Cynful], Cynthia Ultsch, her latest release  “Rocka Lovin'”, yesterday. This coincided with me seeing the release of these groovy wedge training shoes from *COCO*. When i saw both individually, i never imagined this cute and sexy little outfit, but as soon as i put the two together, i was immediately transported back to 1996 and the emergence of the Spice Girls – namely Baby Spice. This outfit is very reminiscent of the kind of outfit she’d have worn way back then.

I didn’t want to overload this with lots of accessories, as i felt it would detract from the simplicity of the outfit and so i accessorised with Aveline Stein’s new design in top quality eye wear, ‘Julie’ by [Steinwerk] and this cute little bracelet from Ce Cubic Effect called Obtuse.

Head to Toe:

Hair: ::69:: – Brit 01 (Faded Brown)

Skin: Damiani – Skye Tan (Trublue Coral FL)

Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Julie

Dress: [Cynful] – Rocka Lovin’ (White)

Bracelet: Ce Cubic Effect – Obtuse (White White White)

Shoes: *COCO* – Wedge Sneakers (White)

Model and Stylist: Laya Felisimo

Photographer: Dimitri Shinn


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