BehaviorBody: Cool New Releases!

BehaviorBody: Cool New Releases!

BehaviorBody Animations has just released two new and complete FUN packages for the photographically inclined fashionista- each package comes with its own prop, a generous texture bundle, and of course a set of fun poses to match!

miniroom main

BehaviorBody MiniRoom-V1.0

The MiniRoom package includes a cute little room (only 5 prims) to serve as a photo booth on the go, with 80 different textures that you can change with an easy menu (40 textures for the floor, and 40 textures for the walls.) The package comes with 50 unique poses that are specifically designed for wall and floor positions, along with a comfortable poser-player for maximum convenience. The room prop has an auto-update script inside the package which gives you access to newer versions as soon as they become available.



 BB pianoforte main

BehaviorBody-Pianoforte-Props- V1.0 

The Pianoforte package comes with a sculpted piano prop (:-) which is only 14 prims, and it can be changed into eleven different colors with an easy-to-use menu… You also get 50 static poses for your piano, with an easy pose-player for your picture perfect convenience. This fun pack also comes with an auto-update script which will automatically update it with the latest version when it becomes available.

pianoforte graphic 1
pianoforte graphic 2

And as always, BehaviorBody loves to reward its clients with awesome free gifts! This month, nine unique poses are given away at random, and another awesome surprise gift is being planned for the month of July.
BB June free gift

BehaviorBody Animations is owned by Antosperandeo Allen and located at BAIASTICE (146, 88, 24) at this SLURL

Check out more great pictures of these new releases and other cool stuff at Antosperandeo’s flickr page at  this link  –


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