Girls Just Wanna Have Fun !

Girls Just Wanna Have fun

Yeah, girls just wanna have fun and why should the boy’s always get it ? So i put together this ‘his, but i’m wearing it’ inspired outfit – easy to wear and cute enough to make any guy admit that girls really do, do it better than boys !!

Head to Toe:

Hair: Maitreya ‘Moon’ – Caramel (only available at the HairFair)

Eyes: MADesigns Promise – Green pale12

Skin: Damiani Skye – Smoky Fraise Sunny FL

Headphones: FKNY – MDJ-V700 II Pro DJ (worn around neck)

Ipod: Eish  – Dance Eishpod (colour changeable)

Jersey:  Apple May Designs – All His Tops (pink)

Shorts: Boom – Vintage Runner (snow)

Socks: Apple May Designs – All His Tops (pink – included with the jersey)

Sneakers:  Pornstar – HiTops Multicolor v2 (Purple with hot pink laces & white tongue)

Model/Stylist: Laya Felisimo

Photographer: Dimitri Shinn


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