Ramona Collections Fashion Show Review

Avenue - Ramona Collections 54

On June 6th at 2 PM SLT, the lovely models of AVENUE walked the sky runway to present the exciting designs from the Ramona Collection. Ramona Planer has quickly established herself in Second Life Fashion by creating a full line of styles, from classic to formal, at reasonable prices. Her eye for detail and color has helped her in designing fashions that are appealing to the eye and fun to wear.

A wide selection of styles was shown by the AVENUE Models this day, as they graced the runway in front of a large and appreciative gathering. Everything from skimpy tops with sexy shorts to voluminous full skirted gowns with even some lingerie thrown in were seen. Wonderfully detailed and unique textures abounded, demonstrating the talents of this designer. Ramona’s appreciation for quality and detail was evident in every outfit presented.

Every style had a nice array of offerings, which kept the show lively and interesting. The casual segment included a very nice off the shoulder crop top with horizontal blue and white stripes that left the entire midriff bare. Very casual yet sexy, especially paired with the low rise, cut-off jean shorts. A perfect combination now that summer is here. Of course a number of short dresses and miniskirts were included in the show too.

Avenue - Ramona Collections 12

The lingerie included simple yet elegant bra and panty sets as well as more elaborate ensembles including long diaphanous lace embellishments. The intricate embroidered textures of the bras and panties were a testament to Ramona’s attention to detail. Whether looking for elegant foundation garments or feminine boudoir wear, this collection had it covered.

Avenue - Ramona Collections 31

Avenue - Ramona Collections 36

Formals are normally the highlight of a show and this one was no exception, especially with the variety of gowns included. Most everything from sexy, body hugging sheaths that revealed every curve to full skirted ball gowns of rich and detailed fabrics converged in an impressive display. Almost any look needed was present, alluring, charming, elegant, refined and more.

Avenue - Ramona Collections 53

Avenue - Ramona Collections 46

Overall this show was a treat for the senses. It was evident that the Ramona Collections should be a consideration when shopping for almost any style need. It will be fun and exciting to watch this talented designer to se what she does in the future. In the meantime, enjoy what she has already brought to Second Life.

And for the many that requested for the show playlist that you raved about, here it is:

Picture 2

To view the full set of show pictures, visit our flickr page or view them as a slideshow.

Photography by Tillie Ariantho
Review by Tiffany Dragonash


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