BeReal in Second Life

BeReal in Second Life

Time for a total makeover. BeReal opened its new main store at the Fashion District with a brand new line of scrumptious male and female skins, shapes, hair, casual wear and animations all in one. And now is the perfect time to run to the store because there is a 50% off mega sale going on now!

BeReal offers a great selection of realistic, high quality, male and female skins in several gorgeous tones (and makeup combinations for the ladies.) See the Felicia & Max skins, below. All skins come in multiple tones, and the Max Skin even includes a second ‘bald’ version for that scruffy no-nonsense look. 

Felicia SkinMax Skin

BeReal has a great new line of male shapes to accommodate a range of ages from teenager to adult. See the Glenn shape below and notice the perfectly sculpted abs and exquisite chest-hair detail.

Female shapes, such as Miriam; Olivia and Felicia (to name a few) celebrate the beauty of the female form with stunning realism; each shape is almost human. They come in a variety of  bone structures and breast shapes, and most shapes at the store have a matching skin with the same name to make styling even easier.

Glenn shape

BeReal hair is a good balance between trendy elegance and simple realism. The textures are rich and the color selection is down to earth with three main shades of blonde, brown and black.

laura hairMax Hair

Also on display at the BeReal main store is a cool and fun variety of casual & jeans wear, in solid colors, plaid, and pastels. Below, the BeReal Blouse is available in primary colors (white, black, red & blue) and it makes the perfect match to a pair of worn blue jeans. Each blouse comes with an easy-to-use ‘resize’ menu for just the perfect fit.

BeReal Blouse

The BeReal store abounds with other cool items and fun accessories: I found some fantastic unisex sneakers with criss-cross laces and unique patterns. They, too, come with an easy resize menu at an amazing price. The Store also carries gift cards and resale kits for potential affiliates. And while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the freebies section (right before the hair isle) to pick up your huge Afro hairdo (lol:) But if your style is more Top Gun than Disco fever, the freebies section also has the perfect pair of Aviator sunglasses for you:)

BeReal Dealer Belt

BeReal is owned by Ricko Dagostino.

The new main store is located at the Fashion District, Sensation Island (91, 50, 27) at this SLURL


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