LaRosa’s 2009 Showcase by AVENUE

LaRosa's 2009 Showcase by AVENUE

The Sky runway had a certain groove in its gait on May 30, as AVENUE models Poptart Lilliehook, Liane Maetens, Krystanna Wycliffe, Cortney Prieto, Veronica Krasner and Salvo Waydelich strutted their stuff in LaRosa’s hippest new releases for the summer 2009.

LaRosa Africa Full
LaRosa has been providing cutting-edge fashion at unbelievable prices for over a year in SL. And in this latest AVENUE showcase, produced by Kryptonia Paperdoll and hosted by Rusch Raymaker, the audience got a sneak peek at some of the most innovative designs in casual and formal wear -each design with its own little twist.
LaRosa Africa MediumLaRosa Europe Medium

Shown above- Veronica is wearing the “LaRosa Africa” -a snug little ensemble in leopard-print that cries out for the wild.. a strapless bodice paired with a hot mini skirt, and a pair of high leather boots.. It is easy to wear, fun to style, and very hard to miss on the savanna dance floor. Equally as wild -but with a northernly flair- is Liane’s “LaRosa Europe” outfit; the perfect marriage between casual fashion and haute couture. It comes complete with matching beret, cute little neck tie, cuffs and matching espadrille.

Salvo in Satuday night FeverLaRosa Moon

Salvo is ready to boogie the night away in his “Saturday Night Fever” outfit by LaRosa (lol!) A polyester chemise over dark blue denims with just the right texture. Krystanna is in a tea party mood herself, and is perfectly dressed for it with the “LaRosa Moon” ensemble; A combination of smart plaid and easy-going white, with matching cap, cuffs and high heels all in one.

LaRosa Romance1

Equally as stunning is LaRosa’s cocktail and evening selection. Above- Veronica looks poetically divine in the “LaRosa Romance”; with its tailored bodice, bare neck line and lowered sleeves in Barcelona style, a swirling peacock skirt and matching LaRosa sandals.

Below- Poptart is is equally as divine but with a touch of pizazz in her pineapple updo over the “Diamond Red” by LaRosa, which is exactly that! Layers upon layers of reflective gems strung together across the entire surface of the gown in a brilliant quilt that brings out the glow in all skin tones.

LaRosa Diamond Red

LaRosa huge store abounds with equally amazing creations at amazing prices by designer LaRosa Kohime – in collaboration with co-designers Eisbluemel String (Urban & Streetwear), Enes Davies (Menswear) and Stari Novi (Shoe designer, shop manager and builder). Every item on sale also offers the option to buy it as a ‘transfer’ item for gift giving.

LaRosa Logo

LaRosa’s main store is located at LaRosa (103, 142, 24) at this SLURL

Check out LaRosa’s blog at

Photography by Tillie Ariantho

You can view the full photo set on our flickr page

Or view them as a slideshow


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