One Stop Glam Shop: Stylissimo

One Stop Glam Shop: Stylissimo

Connoisseurs of taste and opulence no longer have to hop the entire grid to compile the finer things in their boudoire. To cut down on SL commuting and reduce gas mileage, Stylissimo opened its doors on May 17 with ALL the essentials of high style under one roof.

Stylissimo is a collaboration between Rusch Raymaker and prolific designers Joy Laperriere (shapes); Sylva Petrov (animations); Loa Oryl (fashion) and Medit8 Zapatero (furnishings.) The cozy boutique at Piazza has two separate wings for male and female patrons on opposite sides of the floor plan. On the list of offerings is an exquisite line of male and female shapes (with complete styling cards.) And to dress the shape of your choosing, Stylissimo offers a garden variety of hand-crafted couture and accessories which derive their inspirations from natural epiphanies, like Garden Thorns, Butternut Hawk and the Long Fly Home -to name a few. To complete the picture, a set of fluid animations by designer Sylva Petrov keeps those heavenly avatars moving with grace.

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Stylissimo’s catalog of neo-classical furnishings and décor will transform that high-rise den into a 3D extension of your glamorous self.. So stay at home and call over your friends. Each chef d’oeuvre at Stylissimo comes with its own ‘twist’ and will leave you longing for more. And more shall come!

For more details:

Read Isadora Fiddlesticks’ full artice in the May 2009 issue of AVENUE Magazine

Log on to Stylissimo’s website

Visit Stylissimo in-world with this SLURL


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