JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 Grand Finale

JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 Grand Finale

Raindrops on roses and lazy days at the beach..


The JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 wrapped up on May 9 with a splash of warm light and fragrant color by Sascha’s Designs.


AVENUE models Tiffany Dragonash, Temperance Moonites, Kendall Larnia, Natasja Schumann, and Chirzaka Vlodovic fluttered along the runway in waves of lilac bodices, azul skirts, bird feathers and coral gems.. A feast for the senses that can only be inspired by the natural beauty of this season and the promise of sunnier days ahead.


Shown above, Chamonix is in the foreground wearing the Marce Pink, with delicate roses on the bosom cups, playful arm ruffles, and several skirt options that can easily transform this tea party ensemble into a formal gown.


Chirazka is in full bloom wearing the Zuzu Purple; a sheer floral design that wraps around the curves from shoulder to toe; it comes in a layered skirt and a surprise bow at the base of neck to play off your favorite updo.

Below, Natasja is in Rumble Blue; a sleek design in shades of the coral reef. The bodice is a masterpiece in texture and detail. It comes with several skirts, including a mini that cries out for the beach.



The Cou Cou Gold parodies the rays of the golden sun on a perfect summer morning, as the flaring skirt reflects light off your face.

Below, the Antarctica Black takes after the melting snow as it mixes with grit and earth. With a posh velvet skirt and a sheer bodice of snowflakes, it comes complete with gloves, fur stole, nipple hider and three skirt options for lots of styling fun.


For the grand finale, DJ Hakuei Enzo of Scoutlounge rocked the after-party as we rang out the Spring Expo at JSP to make way for a sizzling line-up of AVENUE productions planned for the summer of 2009.

Photography by Tillie Ariantho

A full photo set of this event can be viewed at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avenuemodels/sets/72157617719256017/


Sascha’s Designs is owned by Sascha Frangilli. With reasonable pricing and a huge selection, Sascha also stands out by favoring her customers with a demo trial for every gown on display. Sascha’s Designs is located at Coco Beach at this SLURL


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