JSP Fashion Expo 2009 Spring Edition Week 3

The only thing missing is your beautiful avi

Ever spent a couple of hours hopping from one store to the next, trying to find a matching garter belt for that beaded corset you got planned for the night? Well, no more tears.

Two sizzling-hot designers: Moonstar Designs and Serpente Signature Designs (SSD for short) have a new approach to their fashion: Most of their outfits come in a complete styling set with matching shoes, gloves/socks/garters and even jewelry sets.. Everything you need to create that wild look without the wild goose hunt!

Avenue Models

Produced by AVENUE Models in partnership with Just Soul Promotions, the JSP Fashion Expo 2009 (Show#3) brought to the lime light some breathtaking new releases by both Moonstar & SSD, in a one-of-kind production that can only be created by AVENUE.

Avenue Models

AVENUE Models Valeria Pienaar, Temperance Moonites, Shenandoah Saintlouis, Sally Yachvili, Kendall Larnia and Mui Mukerji lit up the circular runway to the throbbing beat of the live stream, wowing the audience with a blaze of drop-dead outfits by Moonstar and SSD for the spring/summer of 2009.


Shown above is AVENUE Model Temperance Moonites wearing the sultry “Dreams of Asia” ensemble by Serpente Signature Designs, complete with corset, garter, belt, sandals, gloves and stockings all in one. To view more pictures of the full gown please visit our Flickr page for the full set!

Shown below is Moonstar’s dazzling “Crystal Gown” which also comes with its own jewelry set.


AVENUE Models CEO Rusch Raymaker’s descriptive voice over the radio brought each design to life while leaving the chat box fully available for Saturday afternoon talk of popcorn & sushi.. This was followed by a wild dance party (on stage) to the tunes of DJ Gino Aichi of Scoutlounge.

A full photo set of this event can be found at:


Moral of the story:

1) Definitely need to check out Moonstar Designs (Ghloogums 145, 13, 23) & Serpente Signature Designs (Oathkeeper 136, 114, 45) as you plan your summer wardrobe.

2) Don’t want to miss our next JSP show on Saturday May 9 at 1 P.M. SLT. Same time, same SLURLat JSP Island. Bring a friend and a platter of sushi, and we’ll meet you there!

‘JSP Fashion Expo 2009 Spring Edition’ is the continuation of JSP’s regular fashion and live music events.


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