AVENUE Partners with Merovingi for their 2009 Fashion Awards

The Merovingi Fashion Awards (MFA) is known throughout the grid for being the prominent awards received by designers, new and veteran alike, for excellence in craftsmanship and creativity.  This year, AVENUE has been appointed as the Official Partner for event organization, sponsorships and public relations of this year’s festivities.

AVENUE Inc CEO Rusch Raymaker & MFA President Sonneillon Barthelmess

President of MFA,  Sonneillon Barthelmess (aka Gabriel Merovingi in RL) expresses, “We are very excited that AVENUE decided to join us for this year’s show. Their professional attitude and fashion-know-how is just what the MFA needs to bring our show to new heights…”

The awards given during the final ceremony have always been spectacular and amazing.  This year trumps last by offering each category winning nominee with a brand new iMac 20″ computer, Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Mac) and a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet.  On top of that, each nominee that makes it to the final will also walk away with an iPod nano and Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Mac or PC).  There are prizes too for those who nominate and vote during the MFA show as they will be automatically entered in the MFA Raffle.  Once the grand show is over, 20 names will be drawn at random and each one walks away with a brand new iPod nano.

The nomination period is now open and closes on August 7th.  Nominations can be submitted at the Merovingi office.

For more information please check out our press release or contact Jesika Contepomi.

If your business would be interested in sponsoring this years events please  seek the MFA Sponsorship Brochure linked here.


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