AVENUE Magazine – Popi by Eshi Otawara

POPI designed by Eshi Otawara

POPI designed by Eshi Otawara

POPI - A symbol of rememberance, you will never be forgotten in this dress.

POPI - A symbol of rememberance, you will never be forgotten in this dress.

AVENUE Magazine - Popi by Eshi Otawara

AVENUE Inc. takes great pleasure to introduce another captivating creation from the design house of Eshi Otawara. Simply titled POPI, Eshi explained that her reason for naming the dress POPI instead of the English spelling of the flower poppy was that Japanese people say it this way. Eshi’s homage to Japanese style is seen in her Spring/Winter collection where she has incorporated symbols from Japan into her designs creating a harmonious fusion of fashion and art.

Eshi’s POPI dress is reminiscent of the Oriental Poppy with it’s splendid array of salmon, pink, red, scarlet orange, deep maroon and white colors. Bee’s are highly attracted to the poppy flower and never surprised at Eshi’s attention to detail, included in the dress is a stunning bee ring to remind one of their place in natures cycle when wearing this creation.

As with all Eshi’s designs, they transcend from her minds eye into the Metaverse as supurbly constructed pieces that fit like a jig saw puzzle and even in movement, everything remains as it should. There is no doubt that Eshi has mastered the mechanics of clothing construction for the avatar which surely means that you will never be disappointed with your purchase.

The bold poppy hat featuring an amazing veil of white netting that softens the face and creates a certain mystery is the jewel in the crown. One can only imagine what the meaning behind the needle like adornments is and I am almost too scared to ask, such is my enjoyment of making my own interpretations of Eshi’s work.

In closing, POPI is impeccably constructed and is a credit to Eshi’s talents. As an aside, whilst searching locations to shoot the dress, in the space of 20 minutes three people unknown to me messaged in IM to say ‘WOW, I love that dress’. That says it all right there.

Written and styled by AVENUE Model, Chalice Carling.

AVENUE Magazine - Popi by Eshi Otawara

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