AVENUE Magazine introduces new hair from Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara


Otochime hair by Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara announces a new hair release, Otohime. This hair comes in black, white, silver, red, and champagne. The hair is long and flowing, with a hair knot suspended by a cylinder which contains dragon detailing from a RL painting she has done, which was also the inspiration for one of her earliest conceptualized limited edition dresses. Hanging from this cylinder is a long banded ponytail of hair that drapes the length of the hair. This hair continues the Japanese theme of her Spring Collection.

The sea dragon shown in the picture comes from a Japanese story of the God of the Sea, Ryujin, who lives in a sea palace, controls the tides, and was the father of Otohime, who was known as the beautiful “Luminous Jewel,” and was the grandmother of the first Emperor of Japan. This made the powerful Ryujin the ancestor of the whole Japanese dynasty.

GABBY – Hair

Gabby hair from Eshi Otawara

Also newly released is the Gabby Hair in black, which is Eshi’s donation to the RFL. All proceeds from the sale of this short style which features feathered bangs and a pulled back section of banded hair with a hair clip will be donated to the RFL Charity.

The Otohime Hair and Gabby Hair are both available both in her Eshi Otawara store at Blumfield.


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