La Dolce Vita

It was a night of the sweet life, with AVENUE models showcasing SL’s top Italian designers at ‘La Dolce Vita’ held at the First Meta II sim.

The elegant circular stage design surrounding an unusually beautiful leafless tree and sprinkled with umbrellas, set the tone for the innovative choreography as the models took their turns on the catwalk.

The 60’s inspiration was quite apparent in many of the styles worn. The creations of Addoro Design, Alatiel Fashions, Anubis Style, Bolero Collection, DD Style, Diorsis Hair Design, Jador Fashion, Lady Thera and Preciosity of Style ebbed and flowed before our eyes.

Though the lag did try to rear its ugly head and would have succeeded were it not for the clever EmmZ Tzara and Kryptonia Paperdoll who led everyone in a rousing game of losing our attachments for 100L!

As the attachments fell and bald heads and toes were revealed, the lag settled and we were treated to several showings of the SPIRIT Dazzlers, their dances coordinated perfectly with the models own.

See more photos from the show here.


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