LA DOLCE VITA – An Italian Fashion Spectacular

LA DOLCE VITA  -  An  Italian Fashion Spectacular

AVENUE Models presents LA DOLCE VITA to the runway. A compilation of SL’s finest Italian designers, both veterans and new, get together on one stage to showcase their latest collections.

La Dolce Vita, Italian for ‘The Sweet Life’, was hailed as the most widely seen and acclaimed European film of the 1960’s, directed by Federico Fellini. Few realize that Fellini’s initial inspiration for the movie was a dress created by designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Balenciaga was an innovator in his use of fabrics, is noted for contributions to the fashion industry such as the tunic dress and high-waisted baby doll dress, and his sculptural creations were considered masterworks of haute couture in the 1950’s and 1960’s. La Dolce Vita, reminiscent of Balenciaga’s trendsetting creations, depicts the lives of Roman celebrities in the early 60’s. Fellini filled the screen with vibrant colors and elegant motions giving one a feeling of sweet dreaminess.

Please join AVENUE Models as they showcase LA DOLCE VITA filling your screen with the same elegance and vibrance of SL’s finest Italian collections from Addoro Design, Alatiel Fashions, Anubis Style, Bolero Collection, DD Style, Diorsis Hair Design, Jador Fashion, Lady Thera, and Preciosity of Style. This stellar fashion presentation, conceptualized by director Rusch Raymaker, AVENUE CEO, and managed by AVENUE Designer Liaison Livia Mastroianni, will be given an avant garde treatment in choreography and set design in collaboration with dance choreographer Pyper Dollinger and special appearance by the entertaining and graceful SPIRIT Dazzlers.

When: 8 March 2009 – 1pm SLT

Where: First Meta 11

For more informtion please pick up our in-world invitation.



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