AVENUE Magazine presents Freak Showroom.

A Freak Show

A Freak Show


Freak Showroom starts today and is hosting avatar representations of some of Second Life’s finest artists such as Cienage Soon, Loglady Loon, Colemarie Soleil, and Miabella Foxley. These artists are displaying avatars of the freaky nature, designed to challenge the way we think about art and to let us see alternative side to beauty.

As Loglady Loon states in an interview, ” The research of Beauty, the obsession for Perfect Avatar. Perfect man, perfect woman. This common vision nauseates me. For this reason I tried to do the opposite process. I wanted to create a Nightmare. I’ve forced artists to think in opposite sense: leaning toward the Macabre. Generating the Ugly. And the most interesting thing is that this process seems to be more “palpable”, more plausible, more human.”

The exhibit will run for 15 days. Expect to experience a different kind of exhibit, ranging from weird to macabre, here:  A FREAK SHOW


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