Avenue Models – Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid

Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid  

A platform “foot-in-shoe” for Spring 09’s most progressive shoe fans.


Stiletto Moody BARE © Ingrid continues stepping on toes and shaking up the Second Life fashion shoe market. On WEDNESDAY January 21 at 8pm SLT, Bare Ingrid will debut in the Stiletto Moody Boutique. The SIM will be closed to the general public allowing “Stiletto Moody Shoes” group members a chance to preview the new release first. Join the group in world to access Stiletto Moody Island at the launch.

The Stiletto Moody Bare © range is a new foot-in-shoe range from Stiletto Moody offering a beautiful sculpted foot in a proportional high heel, with color matching systems for matching your avatar skin and size. BARE Ingrid will join the other Spring ’09 BARE styles inspired by the great movie stars of the 50’s. So come and see Second Life’s hottest new shoe revolution from Stiletto Moody – banishing once and for all the clumsy Second Life “Flintstone” avatar foot, welcoming a graceful foot with toes, toe rings, a choice of nail polish for every occasion, impossibly high heels, and towering grace.

Ingrid, a haute couture curved platform with bold buckled straps and studded accents features a gold and silver inlay. You choose between gold depending on your feel that night– glamour or rock star.

Ingrid is offered in 8 colors and a full all-in-one ColorSet. Added to the hit colors of Spring 09, new colors include Sand and White Leather (for that dangerous wedding). Look for the infamous Stiletto Moody Bare heart logo pressed into the “Badseed” Red under-sole.

Accept no copies – don’t miss a step…
Towering heels, flattering feet, and twinkling toes…
Stiletto Moodys on you.
Impossibly high heels
Impossibly beautiful feet
Only at Stiletto Moody

Please note: Stiletto Moody Island may be closed prior to launch for setup and visitors are limited to 50 at one time to enhance your experience.


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