LeeZu Baxter Designs changes name


9 January 2009

LeeZu Baxter Designs changes name

The LeeZu Baxter Designs label has had a name change. The design house will now market the creations of LeeZu Baxter under the brand name LeeZu!

LeeZu! Is one of Second Life’s top fashion houses showcasing the work of noted fashion designer LeeZu Baxter and her team of highly skilled professionals. The instantly recognizable clothing and accessories are noted for their complexity, femininity and creativity. The majority of LeeZu! outfits are created on multiple layers so the ability to mix and match is one of the hallmarks of this famous label.

Now two years old, the company, formerly known as LeeZu Baxter Designs, is located on the To The Nines Island in Second Life. LeeZu! also operates several satellite stores in select high-end sims. The designer offers items from formal wear to casual and everything in-between. Also available is a line of accessories, eyes, shoes and jewelry. LeeZu! has received a great deal of media coverage for the specialty lines Revolution and Noir.

The LeeZu! team consists of Suzi Phlox; Barbara Nicholls (store manager); Poptart Lilliehook, (marketing director) and Olyvia Zenovka (top model and model manager).

LeeZu recently launched a new brand of footwear in partnership with Enktan Gully of Enkythings. Courtisane is a high-end line of exquisitely detailed shoes with rich luxurious textures. The store is located on an adjacent island easily reachable from the main LeeZu! store. The Courtisane brand will remain unaffected by the name change of Leezu Baxter Designs.


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